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It's about adventure! Life, Scouting, Family, writing what else is there?
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Happy WDC Anniversay to me! Sharing my favorites today
Happy Tuesday to all. *Smile* Just some random thoughts


It's my 16 year Anniversary on Writing.Com. I'm very happy to be here and be a member. I can honestly say being a part of the community has helped to improve my writing and I'm very proud of some of my accomplishments. So, this anniversary I'll be sharing some of my favorites.

One item I'm proud of is "Spontaneous Decision" which earned 8th place in the Writer's Digest Annual Writing contest. I submited it for Mainstream literary.

 Spontaneous Decision  (13+)
Awarded 8th Place (Mainstream Category) in the 77th Annual Writer's Digest Competition.
#1484802 by StephB

My dear friend Ⱳƹ₿~ŴitcӉ gifted me a Moon Witch MB.
Merit Badge in Moon Witch
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*^*Star*^*   Happy 16th WDC Anniversary, Steph! May you reach the stars  by the light of the moon, and enjoy many more years of WDC fun, friendship and creativity!

Webbie *^*Witch*^*

I love Astronomy. It's one of my favorite songs by Blue Oyster Cult.What's your favorite BOC Tune? haha.!!

And I love real, nighttime Astronomy as well! AND I love witches!! here's one of my favorite witch stories:

Product Type: Kindle
Amazon's Price: $ 0.99

I *Heart* ♥HOOves♥ who has also gifted me a By the Sea MB. I really do enjoy being out in nature. I love smelling recently bloomed flowers, the salt of the sea, fresh cut grass.

Merit Badge in By the Sea
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Happy Sixteenth Anniversary Week!  Thank you for all the wonderful things you do here!  *^*Heartb*^**^*Cow*^**^*Heartv*^**^*Tulipp*^**^*Heartv*^**^*Cow*^*

Here's an early poem dedicated to the sea.

 To The Sea  (E)
A poem about nature (smiles)
#972142 by StephB

And it's National Poetry Month. Throughout the years on WDC, I've experimented with various styles. Today I'm sharing a Villianelle.

 Friendship  (E)
A villanelle poem about the importance of friendship.
#2131135 by StephB


Well, I have decided that TV is pretty unwatchable as of late so I've been junking on 80's mini series. Just finished watching:

ASIN: B0050MB3I6
Product Type: DVD
Amazon's Price: $ 15.96

I remember seeing it when it first came on. It really was an amazing story. I thought the casting was spot and I thought Rachel Ward was good in the role of "Meggie." I saw the special features at the end of the DVD and I heard it came down to Rachel Ward or Jane Seymour for the part. Why didn't Jane Seymour get it? Because she wasn't able to tap into the vulnerability the character needed.

Anyone else watch the Thorn BIrds? I got the Kindle book from Amazon. LOL!! But I have a ton of other books to read first.

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