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Busy Little Rona Virus
Another 2 weeks just flew by so I thought I'd post an update.

I'm a busy little Virus. I won't get another day off until 19 MAY and that day is pay day so I'll be running around spending money. hehehe.

Well, the Marigolds and 1 basil didn't make it. Some "plant like bug" killed them. I managed to save one basil pot and the oregano is coming along. I will try to plant some more marigolds here in a bit.

The cilantro is really coming along, young, but nice and full.

I had two summer squash seeds sprout! They are very young, but nice and healthy. Still watering them. I'll try to get a pic here soon.

My Bonzai Black Spruce finally hatched!! I have four of them. They are very small right now so I'm watering them and putting them in sunlight. As soon as they get bigger I'll move them to another pot.

Since going back to in person meetings. (I've been to 3 now) I've lost 3.5 pounds. Still tracking. I've continued with the habit of walking during lunch.

NEW TIP: Since I'm a little bit more on the heftier side for a Virus, I'm pretty achy. It's nothing I can't deal with but it's annoying. I discovered when I took 1 Advil, the achys went away, BUT I don't want to be taking Advil all the time to deal with my achys.

....Enter Pineapple Juice!! Come to find out Pineapple Juice is a natural anti-inflammatory. So I said why not try it? I got me one of those 6 oz Dole cans and I felt a big difference. Then I discovered that the enzyeme that is responsible for pineapple juice is called bromlain. So I bought some. Thank goodness for Amazon prime. Since using Pineapple juice and bromlain I have definitely felt less achy, which is very nice.

My Romance/Love NL is due next week. Trying to work out an interesting topic. Taking suggestions.

I'm in the editing phase of "Christmas in Bayeux." I'm anticipating about another week or 2 before it's finished and then I'll upload it to Amazon! Very excited about the story!!

I took the train to work today. I saw a bunch of tents along the freeway (the 101) but nothing on the sidewalks where I need to walk from the train station to work. I suspect they were cleaned out for the Oscars. We'll see how long it takes for them to come back.

California is a socialist pit and there is a lot of homeless here. It's really outrageous. I get calls the time for drugged out homeless ppl who are usually naked and run into the middle of the street stopping traffic. Then we have ppl who find needles near schools. It's not so bad now as most of the kids in this area are doing online learning 5 days a week, but we do have some school districts doing a hybrid model. Then we have ppl who call and say a HUMAN BEING defecated and urinated on their front lawn (like a dog!!) and they want us to clean it up. We send a further request to sanitation to clean it up but they are so backed up it's takes 10-14 days to respond to requests. It's shameful out this way.

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