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What's in a name?
         Good grief! Here's a sad little tale to entertain you. Went to bed about 1:20 this morning after falling asleep in front of Grimrock, the greatest little indie game I've seen in years. Have I mentioned lately how great retirement is? Anyway, dozed right off, but woke up at 4:50. Yup, had to use the facility. Came back to bed, laid there wide awake until 5:40 with a swirl of story ideas chasing each other off center stage until I developed a headache. Not a big migraine, just an annoying little second cousin that settles in your sinuses and says, "Joke's on you if you think you're going to enjoy any part of today!"
         So I got up, put on a BIG pot of classic roast, gagged down some ibuprofen, and lit a stick of Egyptian Jasmine. The forecast is for 96° today, which where we live means closer to 106°. Dude the Insane Beagle is curled up in his bed looking at me like I've lost my mind, so I thought, What better time to write a rambling, unplanned blog post? Guess it's your lucky day!
         Yesterday morning, following the outpouring of good wishes by a lot of great friends, I changed my handle to Phoenix Rising and found an appropriately dramatic picture of, well, a rising phoenix to grace my port. Now that I'm the proud but still confused owner of a Premium Membership, I can have a Custom Icon on my case, and to my pleasant surprise, there is a phoenix provided. So I set it all up and prepared to bask in the glory of my literary rebirth.
         But you know what? As symbolically appropriate as it may be, I'm Blimprider. I have been Blimprider since shortly after "Invalid Item landed on the Amazon catalogue. It's my email address; it's my gamer tag; it's how I'm known to the steampunk community the world over. And it's how I should be known here. Last night I received a notification that a member had tagged me in a comment. I went to check it out, and had to read it twice before I realized that Phoenix Rising was me. That ain't cool!
         So now that I've sorted out who I am, my next task is to sort out what to write about. I moved the half-finished Stingaree over from my old computer yesterday, so that's available, but I'm still not feeling it. More correctly, I think I've gone down a blind alley and an extensive rewrite of what I have up to this point will be required, and I'm not into that right now. That, and several other stories, are from the "old me," the one that had given up and was ready to quit writing entirely. I sense that I need something new, but what?
         A couple of concepts are standing out to me. One is that I want to do something with a supernatural horror theme, a series perhaps, about a very special detective agency. Another idea that keeps knocking at the door is one of an isolated motel and diner in the desert midway between two cities. There are a few regulars, an old coot who spends his days out on the flats, convinced he's going to find the Lost Dutchman or some such treasure trove; a paleontologist looking for the fossil that will put him in the history books; and a hard-edged woman hiding from an abusive husband... Or something like that. As they go about their lives, travelers keep coming in with stories. I have the StoryMatic® card deck — "Six trillion stories in one little box" — to help me with that, so we'll see what comes of it. Probably nothing like these initial ideas, but who knows? As Cunard used to say, "Getting there is half the fun!"
         Be patient with me, I'll come up with something. In the short-term, I only hope I can come up with a nap later on... Of course, maybe in the hallucinations of sleep deprivation, I'll find my next inspiration. Be there if you dare!

Semper audax esse,
*Hotair2* Blimprider

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