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January 30, 2022
The coldest day in two years here in Naples, Florida. Some areas even had frost. This is the second time this year I have had to turn heat on.

I have lived in Naples, FL since 1986--longer than I lived in Pittsburgh where I grew up.

I will likely die here. I love Florida but hate Governor DeathSentence and the people that support his ilk. These do of course include family, neighbors, some few friends. So you just generally shut up as not to alienate and just remain befuddled in your uber liberal heart of hearts.

Naples used to be charming and relatively small. Growth and expansion have changed that. But my son and grandchildren are here, my husband's sister. So, here we remain.

I tend now to select doctors, dentists, beauty shops based on nearness to home. Roads here have not kept pace with growth.

My part-time job is also only a 20-minute drive. These are prime requirements for me.

Because he is retiring I am giving up my $5.00 Goodwill find of a Ben Rothlesberger Super Bowl shirt to my oldest grandson who has promised to treat it with respect. Perhaps I will stumble across a Tom Brady jersey some day. It is rumored he is retiring.

Had breakfast yesterday at Waffle House. Husband lost a bet. Wilbur was alive in the Mary Worth comic strip. Yes, I am old. Still get a physical paper, still have a landline phone, still pay bills by snail mail.

Off to make ham, green bean and potato soup for this cold, sunny Florida day.

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