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June 13, 2022
Today is Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. I am not a gourmet cook, but not a kitchen klutz either. I read cookbooks like noveles, and like novels with recipes.

I am currently reading a novel, "The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo", that is filled with recipes.

Feist Frida was bisexual. For June, for Pride Month, and just because, I have decided to throw a party.

I know that a banquet can be a magic potion, and that a well-prepared meal can be a magic spell.

I will bring out of storage all the vintage china and glassware I have collected, and all the missmatched tableware.

There will be mason jars of sunflowers and wildflowers on the tables.

I will order dozens of tamales from the Mexican woman vendor at the farmer's market. I will make from Frida's book Pasta with Mussels, Oranges and Tomatoes. There will be delicious frozen margaritas, pitchers of sangria,and washtubs full of beer and Perrier.

I will go to the local Hispanic bakery and buy massive quantities of Hispanic pastries. These will be served with glasses of dry sherry or tawny port.

The music will be John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and the SunRa Orkestra. All guests must bring a poem they have written.

It will be a solstice party, welcoming summer. Tomorrow night of the Full Moon.

The guest list is unlimited---and everyone is invited.

Let the magick begin!

The Cook's Tarot--7of Cups---Everything can be seen as either a blessing or a curse. You choose.

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