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Heartache, love, strength, weakness... A collection of poems.
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I Want To... [2nd]
I Want To, Version 2

I want to wrap your hand in mine
Fingers entwined.
I want to press my lips to yours
Love not confined.

I want to hear you whisper
Emotions expressed.
I want to shiver from your touch
Desires confessed.

I want to feel our bodies rock
Two become one.
I want to hear your gasps, groans
Pleasure won.

I want to lay in your arms
Comfort in heat.
I want to sleep against you
Energies deplete.

I want to spend my life with you
Every day and night
I want to share in everything
All the fun and fright.

So take my hand,
Hold it tight
Never let it go.
Like hourglass sand
And fading moonlight
Time never passes slow.

You can watch a video of me reading this poem here: https://youtu.be/wD9MByvVqK8

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