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Possessing Spring ~ day one
Write a piece of poetry or prose using this picture as inspiration. Keep in mind our theme of "Spring Fantasy"

Ragged Winter's Winged King
rattles his hoary crown.
The Defiant Spring's Queen
casts triumphant sun down.

Colors explode after Winter's blight.
The wild display a visual delight.

In stretches of meadows
pixie wings once cold and frail.
Now rain-bowed and glorious
Winter King's betrayal.

Jade Ivy entices
in her upward crawl.
With fingers juicy green
Spring grass yawns and sprawls.

Begonias flash fuchsia
scarlet tulips spread lips.
Flora and fauna wait
for a first spring-rain sip.

Daisy-haired bright woman
casts berry-blue eyes 'round.
Welcome glorious Spring
You are love newly found.

Nature wearing spring gown
tosses head in redress.
Humans vainglorious
I will not be possessed.

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