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The Biltmore Lilac
I’ve heard The Biltmore is using flowers as a tool on their website. Take a quiz and find the petal that resonates with you. Or something equally nonsensical. You won’t find yourself matched to a lilac. I have too many thoughts extending into the cosmos to define any one person. I’m not even in the data base.

If you’re human and therefore of limited awareness, you see my thoughts as blossoms.

Rarely do visitors to the mansion travel far enough down my pathway to get a glimpse of my lavish lavender color and draw in my sensuous lilac aroma. A few have discovered me, and I’m quoting back how humans define me.

The gardeners come every season to trim the tall bush that supports me. We grieve when our neighbors are shorn and taken away. But we also celebrate their sacrifice. Without the pruning, we’re unable to continue our growth cycle.

It’s the same for humans, isn’t it? Something has to die for another to live. The theme is universal.

Romantic as your tour may be, you’ll only find warmth in my presence because I chose to extend my blessings. Please handle me with care. I’m only a flower to you, but lilacs bruise from the slightest touch.

w/c 208

The Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina, USA is one of the oldest and is the largest home in America. Visit their website at http://www.biltmore.com/ and use any information you find there as a setting for a poem or short story. Remember again, the theme is spring fantasy.

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