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Faith to journey as God leads into unknown territories and situations. Where am I going?
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Food Glorious Food!
Yesterday was quite a learning experience, and I've learned the lesson well. I'm blessed because my electric cord for my computer reaches far enough for me to view my food warming on the griddle through the front door window. Yup, it's all about food again, but, no I'm not obsessed with food. Planning and getting things just right for the sun to heat the griddle are important. This time I placed the griddle on a bucket off the landing/porch area which is part of my ramp system.

More about my food adventure today, hope you don't mind. I thought about what I was doing today and came to the conclusion that I was foraging like the animals in the wild need to do each day to survive. I don't mind doing this, really. It's part of living in the mountains in a cabin and waiting for people to help with the necessities. When the electric is finished, insulation installed, and dry wall in place, then the plumbing will be worked on and I'll have more of a modern cabin situation. Meanwhile, it's fine with me to accept this challenge and continue my version of camping for a little longer. Amazingly there is the thought in the back of my mind about you don't miss whatever it may be until it's gone. Well, I find this to be true to an extent. Although I would like to have it easier and more convenient, I'm doing ok and accepting things as they are knowing that God is looking out for me.

When I decide what I want for breakfast and figure out it won't be warm until lunch time, I switch gears and prepare something for lunch and then find breakfast. This way lunch is warming up and all I need to is wait.

For breakfast this morning I had some chocolate covered cranberries maybe a dozen, then a while later a carrot pod, then there or four chocolate covered cranberries. This to me seems like a version of foraging, so I'm fitting into my environment nicely. The crows are calling and this brings to my mind the theft of yesterdays breakfast. I don't know for certain, so will not accuse.

One thing I must remember is to drink plenty of water because of medical reasons and for my health in general. Perhaps I will close for now and write more later.

It's later! I checked the rice and it's about room temperature. Today is cooler than days past, it's windy, and the days are getting shorter. Perhaps I need to develop a better solar/sun cooking method which includes finding the materials, and construct something which would incorporate the grill because it has no electric wire and plug for electrical use and also I wouldn't trust it anyway. It was left here by the people who abandoned the place before I bought the property. My friend suggested I should get the gas oven and stove hooked up, a great idea, Just want to make certain everything is viable and safe first. Then worse case sneer, I could take the chill off the place by using the oven. And, when I'm cooking it will heat the immediate area a bit also. Me thinks this is turning out to be warming and cooking 101, how to camp in the mountains ojt, or crash course.

My best guess at the moments with things the way they are and I just noticed the sun is playing peekaboo in the clouds, it may be an hour or so before things are warm, or I'll have to settle for room temperature. Several friends are going to complete the building of my ramp, so I'll ask them about the gas stove and oven,and what they think about heating options for the winter. I've thought about getting some kind of gas heating appliance for emergencies. If I eventually have off grid solar electricity this would be a super major blessing. I'll be patient and see what God has planned. Usually I find His plans are much better than mine.

One more blessings is the air conditioner doesn't need to be used which will help keep expenses down. During the day it is very comfortable inside and outside. While writing this I glance outside and take in all the green of the bushes and trees, other things and the weeds. I know there is rag weed here, some kind of purple berries, and passion fruit. Oh yes, and I have a hickory tree. I don't know if they are self pollinating or if they need to be in pairs. Hopefully if needing to be in pairs there is another hickory tree nearby.

The leaves are falling and some colors are starting to show their brilliance dappled through out the mountain side. I just noticed yesterday that some kind of grass is growing near the ramp. Time is ticking, so I should move into my other tasks which are waiting for my attention.
Safe travels and many blessings.

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