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May Update
I have not been good at blogging. I can do better.

When did I last post? Mid April. Let's see...

I have completed a staff development programme and (almost) completed the accompanying personal/professional project. I need to finalise the second draft and start working on the follow-up actions.

*Scholar* I am to start reading for a Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Diploma to start doing exams in November.

*CarR* I have started driving to work and back, which is slightly faster than getting the train, a good bit cheaper (at least if you only count petrol) and more flexible. It has given me a lot more confidence with my driving.

As you can see in my Biography tab, this week I've written The Oracle  for "WEIRD TALES CONTEST"   [18+] by Beacon-Light Forever and opened World Weavers' Network . I'm also showcased in "OPEN HOUSE Forum"   [E] by Jayne this month, so there will be a few minor edits to my other items. I have a story planned for "Distorted Minds Contest"   [XGC] by warpedsanity as well, so expect that by the end of June.

*Heel* I have started customising a second pair of shoes and making a handbag, or rather I started the bag first and decided I wanted to do some shoes to match. There will be a blog post about those when they're done. I make no apologies for this *Pthb*. That's been on hiatus a couple of weeks because... *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

A family friend lost their father in March. He's being very needy, which is understandable, but it's taking up a lot of My Darling's time. Specifically time after he gets home from work, which is time after I get home from work and means My Darling and I aren't getting any quality time together until the weekends. Weekday nights consist of My Darling running frantically about the house trying to get things done, dreading an inevitable phone call that will last over an hour, and breaking down if I'm anything less than chipper. That's the part that's always been hard: I'm not allowed to feel low or awful because My Darling implodes. Going through an extended period of stress has caused a few implosions.

But that seems to be easing up now.

We have successfully saved enough money to pay for my car insurance renewal next month. My Darling has been working diligently to bring in the extra and we're doing our best not to spend anything we don't have to for a while because... *Dog1*

The dog has to go back to the vet. Again. Roxy has a misshaped dew claw (inside of the front paw like a thumb) which is causing her pain and has to be removed. At the same time we are going to get a cyst taken out because it might be a cyst or it might be another tumour. And of course no-one on My Darling's side of the family helped with the £1500 bill last August despite the fact Roxy isn't legally our dog, so we can't expect any financial support from them this time either.

And then we have the car tax and MOT as well as probably having to replace my windscreen thanks to a chip that I suspect is more than a chip. You can probably guess by now that money is source of frustration. The reason for this is that My Darling and I have already put our wedding plans back a year and it is looking increasingly likely we might have to do delay again.

All of which is why I have been too angry, depressed, anxious, or busy to write.

What I have done is collect 868/900 korok seeds in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch. This is mainly because the task is easy to pick up and put down when you're interrupted every fifteen minutes by drama. I've also watched through all of the Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Tales from the Crypt and Goosebumps episodes I can find on YouTube. If anyone has suggestions on similar horror anthology series they are very welcome.

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