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A Spot Of Bother
In Need Of A Spell

Declan looked in the mirror just to confirm his suspicions. He didn't need to, not really, for he could feel the tell-tale tightness of his skin, the slight throb. Of all the luck! Just when he had finally conjured up enough courage to ask Emily out on a date, it had to happen.

As spots go it wasn't a particularly big one. Declan examined it from all directions. Maybe Emily would not notice it.

The problem was that once he looked at it, as so often is the case, the spot seemed to grow. It got bigger and bigger until he realized with a sinking heart that she could not fail to notice. Visions of that first kiss were replaced by ones where she recoiled in horror, her eyes fixed on that offending piece of skin.

Could he text her? Make excuses for changing the day of their date? Maybe, but just the evening before he had messaged Emily saying how much he was looking forward to it, and she had responded in kind.

There had to be another way. The spot, now very much a protuberance, needed to be gone.

Would his sister have the answer? Declan hated going to her for help but there was no one else - he could hardly bring it up with his parents. Lisa would have to do.

He knocked on her door, waited for her to turn her music down and invite him in, then Declan pushed his way in. Lisa's room was a vision in red and black, and was decked out in all sorts of Gothic paraphernalia.

His sister studied the spot. "Concealer is just not going to cut it, I'm afraid."

"But can't you do a vanishing spell or something to make it go away?" Lisa had become interested in witchcraft and had once confided in him that she was learning to perform spells.

"I don't know... I could try. But you have to realize that I've had no one to practice on. I don't want you blaming me if it all goes wrong."

"I won't. I promise, okay?" Declan could see the uncertainty in his sister's eyes. "Please," he begged.

"Come on then." Lisa rolled back the mat and uncovered the pentagram she had carefully marked out in black paint. "Stand in the middle and I'll see if I can find a spell that might work."

Feeling more than a bit foolish, Declan stepped into the middle of the five-point star while Lisa rifled through one book then another.

"This should do the trick," she announced. "Now, close your eyes and no laughing."

Declan shut his eyes.

"Rimple, simple," she intoned in a serious voice: "make this pimple dimple."

Lisa gasped, staggered by the success of her spell, but maybe it had gone a bit too far.

"Well, did it work?" Declan asked.

"Yes, but maybe too well. The spot has disappeared but so has the rest of you too."

"What? Can you fix it?"

"I'll try," said Lisa.

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