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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Snake Eyes
SCREAMS!!! daily co-win

Something special happens when you throw snake eyes inside the ’Snake Pit’, the most vicious gambling parlor this side of hell. All bets are off. Everything happens at once and? You never know what all that is going to be. Depends on the mark, every one of whom is unique.

See, sometimes, we got two sets of weighted dice. One never roll’s one’s. We save that for the second set which only does. You got to be a very high roller willing to play Russian Roulette, to get in this game, one willing to bet the shirt off your back and skin behind it before you are allowed in to play.

We make the stakes pretty attractive. There’s all the wine, women and song you want for free, or any substitute you may care for. After all, this may be the last night you’ll ever see. Your wish is our command.

The icing on the proverbial cake, is, anticipating you may win the biggest tax free, illegal, under-the-table lottery ever dreamed up by the mind of man. Riches? You bet. Beyond your wildest dreams.

So, we got the set up. Except for this particular mark. This guy is so addicted to gambling he’ll take any odds, long as he’s got his lucky rabbit’s foot. Yeah, the real thing. Some random dead piece of fur’s left front paw. Thinks it talks to him by tapping once for yes, twice for no, against the palm of his hand. Should he take the bet? No, and the deal is dead in the water. You could be drowning and he’d let you go under. Yes? He’ll bet the moon and figure he’ll never have to deliver. A guy like that.

Final thing is why we want him. This is complicated. To put it as simple as I can, it is a political thing. What’s worth more than diamonds and gold? Power, baby. The greatest addiction of all. Nations live and die by it. Ronald Roy Alverson in this moment’s mix of international turmoil and deceit is the goose who can lay the golden egg. And? He doesn’t have a clue. That is the beauty of it.

Mister Alverson has a secret. He hates snakes. Our boy would rid the world of them if he could, It is more than a phobia, The sight of one of the slithery, venom creatures wiggling before his eyes, triggers a survival response in Ronald Roy Alverson unique from anyone elses.

When threatened by getting bit, he releases his hidden talent of becoming a shapeshifter, not just of himself but of cracked pieces of reality around him that he might escape into. The problem is his lack of conscious control. We got that covered.

This thing is better than the Midas Touch. It is that and any super weapon ever dreamed up. Force field? No problem. Our team went crazy coming up with a wish list. Everything went according to plan.

Well, except for one side effect we couldn’t have foreseen.

Sure, it turned Ronald Roy Alverson into such a catatonic state the deed can’t be undone or a second try done in its place. We knew that going in. All we wanted was the new big boy toys and the power they offered. We got them, too. He whipped through them and destroyed them that fast. We couldn’t allow him to use them against us, now could we.

You know how snakes can shed their skin? Snakes of the human variety like us, now can, too. In the shock of the moment in which Ronald Roy Alverson realized what we were doing to him? He saw us for who and what we really are.

We shed our human form, our outsides assuming what we are inside ourselves. I’m a Gorgon. Still the beautiful woman I was except for growing a mass of snakes, instead of hair upon my head.

One look at me won’t kill anybody. I wish it did. I have to get a bit closer, close enough to bite. Even Gorgon’s must eat. We are pure carnivore with a special taste for the human flesh we once were. For a little while, after eating that kind of meal, the result can reduce this tangled mass of living coils of venom on our heads and make us appear as human as anybody, just like you.

Welcome to the ‘Snake Pit’. We’ve been looking for someone special. We think we’ve worked the kinks out. You may be just the one we’ve been looking for.

Feel like making a bet?

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