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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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What's the Matter? Nothing is the matter at all.
Daily SCREAMS!!! win

“Holy smoke,” Steven triggered the TV remote off.

“You bought a new eighty-five inch screen TV knock off big enough to crawl in and it doesn’t even work.”

“Me? You did it this time. Look at that black hole in the back of the TV.” Silvia Marley watched as her boyfriend, Steven Swartz, finished turning the holiday gift to herself around through a cloud of smoke.

“All I was doing earlier was adjusting the settings for better sound. I hope you got a good warranty.” Steven shrugged off his girlfriend’s insult and leaned over to get a better look.

“Men.” Silvia made the word a curse. The quick flair of a migraine made her feel like she had a black hole invading the insides of her head. She knew just how her TV felt.

“Weird. Whatever happened created some kind of vacuum like space back here.”

“Watch what you are doing. It could be dangerous.”

Steven’s hand disappeared into the blackness, followed by the rest of him. All that was left was a splash of arterial blood on Silvia’s immaculate white carpet, her first response was a disgusted appeal, “Stop it. You are ruining my floor. What a mess.”

Being the neat freak she was, Silvia rushed over to clean things up. The black hole in the back of the TV shivered a moment, hummed threateningly and grew quiet. “I am not going to be held responsible for this. It was your mistake.”

She barely snatched her hand back in time. It was a close call. Apparently standing too close to the hole turned it into a raving vortex hungry vacuum cleaner for whatever came near.

“Darn. People will ask about where Steven went.” Everyone knew they were an item of sorts. Silvia was already tired of picking up after him. In the back of her mind she’d been working on a way to get rid of him. “Got to get rid of the evidence.”

Cutting up her priceless white deep pile carpet brought tears to her eyes and blood on her hands. “Stupid fool, deserved what you got.” Silvia was more careful feeding the hole this time. Her mind grew busy with thoughts about wanting to redecorate the room. “Maybe a splash of red to add color on one of the walls with a matching deeper tone to my floor. Steven, you are an inspiration.”

Just to be safe, Silvia unplugged the TV and left it sitting in the middle of the room. A call to her home designer got things moving with her home decorating plans. With nothing to do over the weekend, she began stacking up nick-nacks, pieces of artwork on the walls, cushions and flower pots that no longer would fit the new decor. “I hate yard sales. I hate paying to have this stuff thrown away.”

“I wonder,” Silvia began throwing things at the black hole. It gulped, shivered, grew its mouth larger or smaller to fit what came its way. “This thing never seems to get filled up. I wonder where it all goes?”

It got handy during meal times. Just toss the leftovers, paper plate, cup and plastic silverware at the back of the TV. Part of being a neat freak was never doing dishes unless she had to. The smell of her garbage cans inspired what went in next. “This could be a real money maker. Gets rid of dead bodies, trash, anything.”

She didn’t really miss Steven, but felt kind of grateful he’d shown her this new possibility of reducing the cost of paying for her unending home makeovers. “Why, I might even come out ahead.”

As night follows day, Silvia found herself dealing at the appointed time with the packaging of incoming home decor. The black hole sucked it in as easily as the stuff thrown at it before. Her designer was impressed. “Hey, pretty neat. I could sure use one of those myself. Where do I get one? How do they work this magic?”

Suddenly aware her new priceless possession might be taken away from her once the government or big industry got wind of what it could do, Silvia had to think fast. “It is pretty amazing, isn’t it. I’m testing a one of a kind beta model for a friend of a friend,” she gushed.

“Well, tell your friend if the price is right I want one. Until then, how about we make a deal? This thing is portable, isn’t it? Bring it around to my next project and I’ll pay you to handle the trash.”

Just like that, Silvia was in business with a signed contract. Her decorator friend had to promise never to reveal anything about the mechanical marvel eating up whatever it was fed.

One thing led to another, as things do. Business connections brought in under-the-table loads of increasingly noxious chemical residue, hospital radioactive isotope leftovers used during chemotherapy treatment, and requests to find out if Silvia’s fast growing company could handle nuclear waste dumps.

It was getting harder hiding her secret from prying eyes. It became part of her marketing ploy, much like Coca Cola’s business model of their secret recipe had done. “Ah, Steven, if you only could see me now.” Silvia had an army of lawyers, promoters, guards and sycophants willing to do just about anything to be a part of her gravy train.

The cops hadn’t been able to prove anything other than Silvia was the last reported place Steven had been before making his disappearing act. She, herself, acted like a black hole to any question brought towards her. “He was here and then he was gone. I don’t know where he went.”

The case was still open. His family had their suspicions, but there was nothing they could do. Those less than billionaires of private or public corporations, or their representatives, no longer qualified to be in her presence. The price went up sky high for her services. She no longer had to slave away at work of any kind. Silvia could pick and choose the time and place to get rid of mankind’s worst and never ending effluvia.

Nothing lasts forever. Those caught up in thinking their good fortune will continue unabated, often find out it won’t, to their peril.

On Christmas night in the year 2020, a greedy interstate trash collector who had been using barges to dump waste out at sea, thought he could move mountains of the stuff with Silvia’s help. In a moment of weakness, with the thought of helping mankind from drowning in waste, she agreed. “The process can be dangerous. You must follow my contract guidelines without fail.”

There had been a couple of unexplained accidents when people had disappeared stepping too close along with their noxious waste products. The payoffs had made the fact disappear along with them, but at some cost. Things could have gotten ugly if large corporate greed had not prevailed.

“Sure. Anything you want.” The man didn't waste a word getting rid of his stinky stuff. The next load of every sort of refuse mankind ever made spilled into the back of Silvia’s TV, threatening to swallow it whole. A ripple of earth spread before it, tipping over the lip of the widening, stretching black open mouth striving to gulp everything down.

“Gee. Works like a charm,” The executive overseeing the project rubbed his hands together and motioned for things to hurry up.

“Oh, no.” Silvia noticed what was happening first, being sensitive and tuned in to how her secret worked. Her TV had gotten a taste for not just dirty refuse, but for the very crumbling earth.

“Faster,” the executive danced on the trembling edge of the man made earthquake his dumpsters were making.

The black hole yawned, stretched bigger, engulfing a bit of bedrock along with the massed junk and trash. Silvia didn’t think twice. “Damn Fool, now you’d done it. Go meet Steven.” A single push sent the man sliding and screaming to meet his doom.

Silvia watched as dump trucks were swallowed before they could scatter their contents into the ever growing hungry mouth waiting for them. “I wonder when or how this is going to stop?” Thankfully she’d managed to jump in front of her TV as she’d pushed her client away.

What looked like the beginning of a new Grand Canyon opened below her as she launched herself into flight. The controls of her private helicopter fought the seething air. Everything before her disappeared into a vast black emptiness. The spirit of her old boyfriend came to mind. “Stop fiddling around, Steven. You are making a mess.”

The black hole wasn’t as large as the one at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, but it was large enough. It wasn't satisfied once the world it had been born in was swallowed and gone. It shrunk, feasting on itself, into the size of a baseball, a golf ball, a marble, and then, it too, was gone.

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