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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Diet Plan
Daily SCREAMS!!! Co-win

The Mango Man. Who is he? Where did he come from? How did he come to be called that? And why is everyone terrified of him?

Let me be clear on that. I was the first. The rest are spin off wannabe’s. I do what I can to reduce their numbers. Mayhap, I shouldn’t. Through them, my legend grows. Now that the secret is out. I don't know how long I will maintain a fragile state of control. My fans continue to experiment, so far, without success.

When a fan get's caught? Wake to find yourself with your gut splayed open, sewn up with Mango seeds inside, and forced to become their living blood based hydroponic system. Only the strongest tree survives and you along with it. That explains ‘the terrified’ and why I am called ‘The Mango Man’.

Good for the Mango. Bad for you. What it does for my genetically altered Mango is turn it into the fountain of youth by way of its fruit. Its roots feel their way along your insides, delicate fibers connecting and nourishing themselves along the way. You never die but lie there with four limbs splayed unable to move. Greater roots bind you where you lay as host. The price of eternal life.

That explains ‘the terrified’ and why I am called ‘The Mango Man’. If the dose is right, extracting the juice of the Mango releases its gift without the curse. It made me richer than Midas and healthy beyond belief. I’ve resurrected myself after many an assassination attempt to my murderer’s maddened disbelief. After all, isn’t turnabout is fair play? They get what they wanted to give. Word gets around. More terror added to the story of who I am and why.

Where did I come from? There is speculation I was a scientist escaping from inside a secret Russian government research center, leaving only a blast crater behind. Another myth promotes me into a genetic genius playing god inside a homemade basement laboratory.

In truth, I stole this recipe and its ingredients from the originator. His fertile imagination became his doom when he could no longer resist boasting about what he knew. Now, he lies made captive by his own, some say demented mind, the first organic substrata bound to a modified Mango tree’s roots.

I like to show him off to those who will become like him. Oh, he is conscious enough. That root forcing its way down his mouth gives him something to chew on while unable to voice his thoughts. Striking isn’t he?

Let me pluck off one of his fruits. It is time to extract another ounce of eternal life for me. For you, my wannabe friend?

If you’ve got the guts for it, you are about to find out what it is like to live forever, without some of the side benefits, when your seeds take root. You'll finally learn how my process works and why your's won't. Kind of turn's your stomach doesn't it? My friend, that is only starters.

We are about to change your diet. Your insides will nurture my Mango tree. In return your guts will survive becoming a parasite to my plant.

I am the Mango Man.

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