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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Chasing the reflection of his youth, Johnny never gave up hope of finding that feeling of love again. “You’re such a child,” Emily laughed, giving back his ring. “You’ll never grow up. You are fun, but?” She finished with a sigh and a shrug as if that explained what words could not.

What was wrong with simple things making him happy? When his girlfriend let go and lived in the moment, a sunset became magic. The sight and smell of a blooming dandelion in a crack was a miracle. Life just was itself. No complications about what to become in all your tomorrows. “You are leaving me.” It felt like she already had.

“We can still be friends. It’s great when I need to get away from things. You are the perfect destressor.”

“Have you met someone?” Johnny felt time bog down the moment, making it last forever until he could let it go.

“I tried to wait, to see if you would change. Maybe I was missing the other side of you. Nothing happened. I fought the urge to try and change you. That would just have made us both unhappy.” Emily turned to go.

There was an emptiness where she had stood. Johnny wondered if she felt that too. “Wait. turn around. Look me in the eye.”

There was a toss of her long blond hair. She did. “What?”

Johnny wiped the tears from her eyes. There was something in his reflection shining there. It was the image of his remembered youth.

He wondered if he would ever see it again. “I’ll sober up,” Johnny promised. He already had. If Emily left him, he’d never see his inner child freed again. Her tears found a home in his own blinking vision.

“Oh, Johnny. Don’t cry. I can’t stand it.”

“We’ll work it out, Em. Maybe, we’ll become friends. I think you just unlocked the door to something more. Why does it hurt?” Johnny leaned back with her in his arms.

They studied each other, seeing something new in the way they viewed each other. “I think I like you better when you smile,” Emily brushed the words against Johnny’s lips.

“Life can be a pain, can’t it, Em?” His hand found hers resting in it. They began walking side by side.

“It can be a good teacher. Showing what is important in our lives, don’t you think?”

The emptiness left both their hearts. There was a shadow still there, a wonder at knowing what it would feel like not to be together. Johnny squeezed Emily’s hand reassuringly. “You are my best friend.”

There was a shy return of the favor. “Look, Johnny, the sky made a rainbow through my tears. Did it do that for you?”

Johnny was just glad the sudden storm between them had passed. He felt more confident in meeting the next wild one. He’d found his pot of gold. “I love you, Miss Em. Is that all right?”

“Just between friends, of course it is,” Emily teased. She turned into his arms, snuggled warm and close. Once again there was no need for words as their lips met in a kiss.

“There is no-one else, Johnny boy. There never will be. I had to make sure you wouldn’t let me go. Not a very grown-up thing to do, was it?”

“I love you.” They said the words together, feeling the pain and joy of what the best and worst the world had to offer. With care, they silently each made a promise to keep that light of love in each other’s eyes shining for as long as life would let them be.

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