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An exciting journey of a high school girl, Olivia along with her friends.
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Meet Olivia Berns
It was a bright sunny morning when the school bell rang . Olivia was wondering by gazing at her desk window about the fun going school trip to Athora , a mysterious jungle far away from the town.

Jack and Anne were going downstairs to the library . Anne on her way saw Olivia sitting beside the window, vacant. She asked Jack to take her along with them .
Olivia moved her face round to watch Jack's pat on her shoulder.

As she turned, her bright face , fair as milk with cute cat eyes appeared. Her cheeks were soft and red as blossom and her lips soft as creme. She had her long black hair tied into a pony, altogether making a gorgeous face. But her classmates called her quite mysterious as she had never talked much to anyone except for her friends - Jack and Anne.
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