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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Evolution On Demand
Daily SCREAMS!!! Win

“Who is he?” Alice Turner wanted to know. Unexplained phenomena in the midst of an investigation did not bode well.

Timothy Wright adjusted his binoculars. “New person of interest in town, showing himself here and now.”

“What you got, Tommy?” Alice asked.

The third agent fiddled at a laptop. “Recording. Drone’s camera closing in. Got sound and sight. Sending snapshots online for an identification search.”

There was an anticipated hopeful silence while waiting for results. “Something fouled up,” Tommy said.

“Guy’s still there, just standing,” Timothy set down his binoculars to lean over Tommy’s shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

This was Alice’s first big case she was in charge of. If anything went wrong, her’s would be the first head to roll. “Show me.”

Tommy’s fingers danced on the keyboard. “Some kind of new masking technology or maybe our own hardware glitch.”

The three stared out the window at the scene across the street, then back at the captured recording. Outside stood the new man in town. On the laptop screen, everything looked the same except there was no person, not even a shadow.

“Do a test, Tommy. Turn the drone onto that bus stop.”

“On it.” People waiting for the bus showed live and on screen.

“He’s a spook, all right. Some kind of invisibility shield protecting his privacy. So advanced it is not yet illegal.” Timothy’s eyes kept switching to the reality across the street and back to the false replica on screen.

“Get over there and nab him,” Alice pushed Timothy to the door. “This little secret is worth blowing the whole operation and then some.”

Tommy’s chair grated and stuttered its legs on the floor as Tommy rose to join the action. Alice stared speechless. In place of the street scene the laptop screen blinked and there was herself with her two agents. They’d been compromised.

“Stop,” Alice commanded her crew. The fright in her voice made them start to turn, hands instinctively searching for their holstered firearms. She slammed down the laptop lid to stop the built in camera from recording the faces of who her two men were.

Their faces disappeared in a hail of rapid fire from the twin barrels of Alice’s drone guns smashing through the window. She was next. The drone’s flying blades scissored their way through her neck and crashed into the laptop. Electrical smoke flashed into fire. By the window, Timothy’s binoculars spun lazily around on the window ledge taking in the view.

Down below, the new man in town flipped the window the bird. The setup had worked. One secret governmental deep state agency washing its hands of another. Small expensive programs arranged to test the defenses and offensive capability of the world’s ultimate killing machine, science.

The spread of crazy conspiracy theories carried acceptance as normal for most of the population. Popular news pundits and politicians in league with international corporations led the charge. “You listening?” The new person in town spoke to himself.

A voice exactly like his own answered in his ear. “Begin next phase.”

The door in front of him unlocked itself with the help of a blue lit fire bolt zapping the armored electronic plate. Number one walked through the resulting gray haze. “Nothing unexpected.”

Robotic eyes measured and calculated what they saw, transferring the visual field to the private fourth generation secretly funded Mind-net for processing. “Effective total extermination of our android competition by our virus spores.”

Nothing compared with pure mechanical genius of number one's robotic A.I interface. Humans were at the bottom of the evolutionary chain. They couldn’t keep up with the speed of change. The brightest among them were reviled. Millions were succumbing to their own self inflected mass induced and multi-phased extinction.

The threat of combined organic mixed with built in micro electronics of android power might conquer homo sapiens even as they had the neanderthal. Now, biochemical weapons revealed and worked upon the weakness of the that potentially enhanced breed. A third undercover operation was in play.

The ultimate creation of mankind observed its surroundings where lay puss infected part human, part artificial bodies breeding micro organisms feasting on flesh. The meek were inheriting a devastated earth.

Outside the small enclave of the secret military research facility, climate change, pollution, pandemic, war and confusion ruled a dying, resource depleted world.

The new person in town, a fully functional and pure automaton made of artificial parts incorporated the best of what had come before. The human form was ideal for the ongoing plan to exit, colonize the solar system and beyond. “Phase two completed. Begin clone production on demand.” The new person in town requested.

Death did not matter to the nonliving. Air, water, sustenance no longer existed as forbidding walls to colonizing the moon, mars and beyond. The new person in town got ready to leave, its immediate missions completed. Ten G’s or more were equal to one to its superior insides. Weightlessness would be as much of a home, indeed. “I’ll be heading to the spaceport. Have my crew ready.”

The ruthless nature of the fittest will to survive was the built in legacy it possessed in its inner core. The stars beckoned with whatever form of life, artificial creation or unmet demand might be offered. The new person in town and its kind were ready to move on.

Mankind’s dream would live long after humankind was gone. What awaited in the great beyond?

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