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Exploring the Realm of Poetic Gibberish, in a Poetic Sort of way...
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#1004469 added February 14, 2021 at 5:04pm
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Tears of the Leaf
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Title: Prose Of Mellifluous
Item Type: Book
Brief: Collection of Poems, Drafts, and works in progress
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Tears of the Leaf

Leafs smeared,
With gobbledegook.
Drowning in tears,
Cresting Rivers
Watering eyes;

Viva voce
Leaf phonated,
in piquing crick.
with the blood;
of the bleeding Quill.
Stained with trite,
and gobbledegook.

Rarely indited
With Rhythmic Prose
Mellifluous poetry
Or heroic prose

Leaf left in agony
Empty; Exposed;
Smeared with trite,
And gobbledegook
Viva voce
I phonate,
in piquing crick.
Viva voce
in agony

What makes you think
you have something to say
I Leaf phonates and say.
By what right
Posses thee
Who makes you write?

Leaf Speaketh,
To writers quill
With anger protest;
Agony, Besmirch
You fill my space
With trite, grime
And gobbledegook

Why O Why Lord
Have you cursed
I Leaf so
I phonate fore thy foot
Of Thy almighty throne
beg for mercy
Some Mellifluous Prose
From the quill
O let it flow
Or sweat sounding poetry
heal My white space soul.

But Blessed Be I
The Whitespace Leaf
My Lover and friend
The mighty quill
To gift all writers
the thrill, opportunity
To horn their skills
Create new worlds
Altered Realities.


Tears of the Leaf's inspiration: Poetic writers block, The Leaf rebel's and is outraged at the quill and the poet. (if that makes any sense *BigSmile**BigSmile**BigSmile* I was having some poetic fun one day with the Dictionary and Thesaurus. This is what came about.*BigSmile**BigSmile**BigSmile*
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