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Exploring the Realm of Poetic Gibberish, in a Poetic Sort of way...
#1004471 added February 14, 2021 at 5:14pm
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Savored Memories, Cherished Days
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Chapter/Entry Title: Savor That Memory And Cherish That Day
Last Modified: 08-24-2014 @ 8:11pm (reposted 02/14/2021 Draft I)

Another one that needs not only a good revision but needs to be made into a short story, 90% of this is actually a hilarious true story that started about seven months before with a trip to Disney Land in Florida

Was the first of my poems
I ever did sold
Stranded an broke
So far from home
Airport in Houston
Was on the road
O what a nightmare
How that trip did unfold

My salvation
My pad even my pen
Was never without them
The matter where I went
Not even a change
Of clothes I did posses
So much lost never again

My airfare my ticket
To Boston it said
All bought and paid for
Left in a rent a wreck
No where could be found
I searched again and again

Hold it right there
A cop he said
Thought I a panhandler
Looking to beg
Sot to arrest me
So he said

I explained my troubles
My woes I did told
This be the worst nightmare
Or trip I ever have known
But panhandle not
I’ll have you know

No freebies or hand outs
Did I seek to goal
Just need my air fare
so I’s can get back home
I only solicit my poetry
And prose to be sold

He was a poetic cop
Had a soft spot
For poetry somewhere
Deep in his heart
Bought me my plane fare
And got me home

I suspect Twas a poet
And liked my prose
Was a wonderful cop
Don’t remember his name
But forever grateful
This poet will stay

Even let me keep
The little money I made.
It did buy me lunch
In Logan later that day
Back home in Boston
Where here I’ll forever stay
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