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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Stranger Strangers
Daily SCREAMS!!! win

Oh happy day. Won’t you come out to play. I’m Zitz, a most wonderful friend. I’ll be yours to the living end. Strangers when we met, stranger still and stranger yet. Oh, the things that we shall see, together, you and me.

No regrets to leave behind, you’re my buddy most divine. I will pluck away every sorrow and pain. Heaven, I’ll help you claim, or hell, if you wish. I am no wet fish.

Go ahead, let it all out. Anger is good for you, there is no doubt. Roar and spit, gnash your teeth a bit, have a fit.

Call me what you will. I’m no wilting lilly, willy nilly. I’m the real deal. My, my how you do squeal. With this rope around your neck pulled tight, we’ll fix that in a jiffy and a little more might. Tug, tug. You look better in purple and blue. Here, I’ll get a mirror and show you, that’s what I’ll do.

Rage, rage, life is all a rage when you look at it right. See, you are already learning what’s worth a fight. How you struggle against your ducktape bounds. Jerk and dance your chair around. I love having such a good time. I’ve never met anyone before so divine.

What? If I love it so, then why not do me? Leave you alone, set you free? Spoil sport. I leave the best to the last just for you. Here’s what I’m going to do.

Rip your clothes off with these scissors, snip, snip, oops, sorry mister. Caught a little flesh. So angry now, you are. Just a test. We want to see just how hot under the collar you can get.

A hot branding iron, smoking, searing, leaving its mark. Sizzling, cooking your tender parts. My, my how you howl and roar. I wonder what’s next. Let’s see what I have in store.

Spit in my face? Such a disgrace. On what other friend can you depend. I cannot be replaced.

Hang in there, Get angrier still. I am counting on you to give me a thrill. If you stop, give up and calm down, I’ll have to bury you alive underground.

Tsk, tsk, did I make you cry? Did I hear a sob and sigh? You are beginning to anger me. What I did before to you was only a tease. Buck up, my best friend. I’ll turn you into a die hard, on that you can depend.

Mad, mad am I? Crazy? It’s not me whose fingernails get pulled with no reason why. It was you who let me in with that sly fatuous grin. I wiped it off your face. Boiling hot anger fits better in place.

I can stay here quite a while, sticking lit cigarettes searing, tattooing, left over skin I have not yet defiled. Don’t be faint with your praise, curse, demean, I thought I heard it all, I’m aghast, simply amazed.

I didn’t know you had it in you. See, we’ve both learned a lot about what anger shows. Let’s try out this vice on your toes. You and I alone are in the know. Sadly, it is about time for me to go. I fear you already went, your life blood well spent, thank you for such a good show.

I’m Zitz, I’m on my way, to find another unhappy angry soul released today. Let’s not delay. You are out there for your every regret to slay. Come, come do let me in. It is time to make complete strangers even stranger intimate friends.

Look what your anger has won. It is right on the tip of your tongue. Before I tear and rip it out from your throat, there's a little time left for me to gloat. Oh, we are going to have such fun, you won't believe it, your eyes will pop out before we are done.

Knock, knock, do let me in. I'm Zitz, wearing such a happy grin. Go ahead, try knocking it off, let our adventure begin.

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