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An Ideal Birthday
What is an Ideal Party?

         June stares at her clock waiting for the alarm to sound telling her, her birthday has arrived. The alarm rings and excitement shoots through her. Her friends would be arriving after lunch. Dashing down the stairs for breakfast she trips over the carpet and lands in a giggling heap on the floor. Her roommate's bedroom door opens and Lindy stares at her best friend lying on the floor giggling.
         “June, what just happened?”
         “I tripped over the carpet.” She says through her laughter. Lindy looks at her oddly.
         “Why are you laughing then?”
         “Because today is going to be the most ideal birthday ever and nothing can ruin it.” June’s friend shakes her head sadly.
         “No party is ever ideal.”
         “Today will be. You’ll see.” Lindy shuts the door and June stares at the ceiling. Surely a party could be perfect. June climbs to her feet. I can do all things through the one who strengthens me. Today will be ideal.

                                                 *                              *                              *

         “June, come see the cake!” Excitement ripples through the group of girls and they dash inside to see the cake Lindy spent hours on. Lindy brings out the box of cake and stumbles. The cake flies across the room and lands in front of June. June opens the box and inside a mound of crumbled cake meets their eyes.
         “I’m so sorry June. Maybe I can order another.” Her best friend offers. June giggles as she looks at the horror on her friend's face.
         “Don’t worry about it.” All her friends look at her in amazement. “What? I’m not letting anything ruin my birthday.” June serves herself a piece of cake and takes a bite. “This is so good y'all should try it! Best cake I’ve ever eaten.”

         As the party heads back to the pool a boy from the school shows up. Gradin calls to June from across her fence.
         “Some kinda party?” He asks.
         “Yes actually. It’s my birthday.” Gradin shrugs.
         “Happy birthday.” A smile lights her face.
         “Thanks Gradin. See you later.”
         “Yeah.” Gradin watches her head back to her friends, before heading back inside.

                                                 *                              *                              *

         The sun lowers in the sky and the girls head in for the day, changing into dry clothes, they gather on couches to watch a movie. June sticks a movie in and the power surges and shuts off. Squeals and nervous laughter erupts in the room and June shakes her head in amusement.
         “Alright girls, why don’t we go down the street and grab some snacks?” June grabs her keys and they all jump into the car. The car sputters and shuts off as they are backing out. June rolls the car to the side of the road and tries to start it again. It doesn't even stutter. Lindy looks at June.
         “June, did you get gas this morning?” June shakes her head.
         “Girl you chose the wrong day to have the perfect birthday on.” A girl in the back pipes in. Lindy shoves her door open.
         “I don’t know how you do it June.”
         ”It’s all in the way you look at it Lindy.”

                                                 *                              *                              *

         When the girls arrive at the store each realizes no one had brought their money. They had been too busy searching for their things in the dark. They walk out of the store giggling at the disaster they were experiencing. Halfway home June trips and sprains her ankle. Crying out she sits on the ground holding it. Her friends crowd around worried and a car stops in the road it’s headlights spotlighting the group. The door opens and Gradin steps out.
         ”What are you girl’s doing out so late?” Lindy fills him in and June blushes when he looks her way. Gradin offers them a ride. Eagerly the girls accept. Without further question he scoops June off the ground and carries her to the car. Piled in the car, Gradin drives them back to June’s and carries her into the house with a clutter of whispering girls trailing him. He sets her on the couch and flips the light switch.
         ”That is another thing.” June snorts.
         ”Alright, I can fix this, let me call my buddy.” Gradin walks outside and makes the call before appearing back in the living room. He passes a few flashlights around and turns to June. “My friend is coming by but he will need to work some in the house. Would you like me to stay and wait for him to leave or should I go? I only live next door so if you needed anything you could just call.”
         ”No no please stay.” They wait on Gradin’s buddy and Gradin laughs as June tells him about the disasters of the day. His friend comes and fixes the lights and Gradin shows him out before coming back to say goodbye.
         ”This was one of the best nights I’ve had, thank you June.” He says handing her a rose. June blushes and waves away his thanks.
         ”Well this is the most ironic birthday I’ve ever had and I will always remember it as my most ideal birthday.” Gradin steals June’s number from Lindy as he walks out the door.

Later that night

Word Count 986

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