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His Love is a Consuming Fire
How can a man be proud
In the face of God's love
How can a man shout so loud
In the presence of the Holy Dove.

Many who claim to know Him
Do not know Him at all
While many that look grim
Live lives that fit His call

Nations have pretended
That He is their's to command
He does not need to be defended
By empty souls so bland

His love is a consuming fire
burning away the s***
Ruins round a church spire
Burnt bodies for the pit

He knows that You love Him
When you spread His love around
He hears you when you sing your hymn
If you show His love in town

Are you caring for the poor?
Looking out for the old and sick
When you are mocked He is your Saviour
Though the world says you're a lunatic

Does your heart yearn and aspire?
Does your soul burn for Him?
His love's a purifying fire
It burns away our sin.

His love burns inside us
Fills our hearts with joy
What is there to discuss
He alone is the real McCoy

The wicked shall burn with pain
While the righteous flame with glory
Those who reject His Name
Do not share our story

See the walls between
Catch fire and fall away
God is changing what has been
Preparing for the Coming Day

His love endures forever
This firestorm will not die
His love will burn whatever
My soul's fire will touch the sky
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