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by Angel
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Ideas, notes, and other miscellaneous things.
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This is my first draft of the prompt I brainstormed yesterday. NaNoWriMo prep starts Friday so I am going to spend the next two days of my Write Chain on NaNoWriMo.

Detective Smitty had very few if any real clues in the murder. He was becoming stressed and frustrated. The crime scene had many people’s fingerprints since the realtor had been showing the house. He had a list of the people who had seen the house since its listing so Daryl, his partner, was going through the list and asking them for their fingerprints so it might eliminate them as the suspect. Smitty didn’t know if one person or more than one person was responsible for the victim’s demise.

Smitty carried a small box with the items into the dimly lit room. He had been to Glenna before. She had helped with previous cases where he had little clues. The psychic was well known in the area to be the best and Smitty had to agree.

Each item was in its own evidence bag. The items had already been to the lab and any trace evidence had already been collected. Glenna looked up as he entered the room.

"Smitty, welcome.”

“I could use your help again.”

Glenna motioned to the chair opposite her at the round table. “Sit my friend.”

Smitty pulled the ornate antique chair from the table and sat down. “I have a case where I don’t have any real leads on. I am hoping you can help me.”

Glenna nodded as Smitty placed the evidence bags on the table. Glenna closed her eyes and slowly moved both her hands over the top of the items without touching them. She opened her eyes and looked at Smitty.

“I see a construction worker. There is frustration and upset in his life.” She moved her hand to the map. “May I touch these?”

Smitty nodded, “Yes.”

Glenna picked up the map and carefully opened the bag. She took the map and held it in both of her hands. Closing her eyes, she sat quietly for what Smitty felt was an eternity. “I see unfinished buildings. Looks like houses. “She paused, exhaling deeply. “I can’t see where they are located.”

She put the map back in its bag and reached for the glove. “Has this glove got a mate?”

Smitty shook his head no. “That was the only one I found on the scene.”

Glenna opened the bag and took out the glove. Again, she closed her eyes and held the glove in both of her hands. “I see this was found in the victim’s house, but I cannot see anything else. I cannot see a connection between the victim and the glove. I see, a man in uniform but I can’t make out what type of uniform it is. It could be a guard’s uniform.” She shook her back and forth. “I just can’t tell.”
Glenna put the glove back in its respective bag. She then picked up the flashlight. As with the other items, she took it out of the bag and held it in both of her hands. She closed her eyes and sat quietly for a moment or two. “This belonged to the victim. I see it shining on the map so I would assume he was using it to see the map better. He is looking for something but I can’t make out what it is.” She sat for a few minutes before opening her eyes.

She put the flashlight back in its bag and picked up the rope. It was about three feet long and was the type of rope you would find on a boat. It was a cotton sash cord about half an inch in diameter. Glenna took the rope from its bag and held it in both her hands, closing her eyes.

“What I am seeing is blurry.“ She sat for a long while. Smitty was starting to think she wasn’t going to say anything else when she said, “Your victim has a boat. He likes to fish. You may find more clues on his boat.” She put the rope back in the bag.

She picked up the bag that a small key in it. She the key tightly in one hand and closed her eyes. “He has a locker at the airport, it’s a small airport. I don’t see any large planes, just bi-planes, Cessna’s, and crop dusters. There is something in the locker he doesn’t want anyone to know what it is. That is the reason he has it at the airport. Wait, I see another man that has a key to the same locker. I can’t see his face. He’s probably five-nine in height and about 200 pounds. He is wearing blue jeans, a tee-shirt, and a baseball cap. The baseball cap has something written on it but I can’t make it out.”

The last item was a small hacksaw. She closed her eyes and held it in both hands, turning it slowly. “This belongs to the victim. He uses it to cut pipes and similar items in his job.” Glenna opened her eyes,” I see nothing else associated with the saw.”
Glenna put the hacksaw back in its bag. “I’m sorry I couldn’t give you more.”

Smitty leaned forward. “You gave me more than you know. I thank you.” Smitty reached in his pocket and brought out his wallet.
Glenna held out her hand, “I don’t charge you.”

Smitty nodded as he pulled out a fifty and held toward her. “I know, but I am making a donation for your help. Please, take it.”
She smiled and took the fifty-dollar bill. “Thank you. You are always welcome.”

Smitty scooped up his evidence bags and put them back in the box. As he placed the box in the backseat of his car he felt hopeful. He needs to find the victim’s locker and see what might be in there. Also, if the victim has a boat, it will most likely be at one of the docks where he lives since he lives on the lake. Then who is the man Glenna saw accessing the locker? Maybe, there will be a record at the airport of who has registered for that locker. There may also be persons at the airport that know who this guy is. Hopefully, Daryl has more news about the fingerprints and then there is the lab’s possible finding with any trace evidence they may have found. Smitty was hopeful.

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