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October NaNo prep Assignments
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October 4, 2021 Assignment 4 - Beginning (Where is starts)

         In the beginning of this story, Barney Knox is living his life without any friends, and has no support system for himself. He is quiet and doesn't like to rock the boat. He always hears the words of his imaginary friend, egging him on, and trying to influence Barney to do the wrong thing. The imaginary friend Barney named Lester when he first imagined him.
It starts in Barney's bedroom on Friday morning, when he wakes up for school. He is tired from the late night he had of studying for his 7th grade geography test. He is not happy or doing well with his relationship with his parents or with that of his older brother. Not only that, but he is not doing well with some kids in school, who are bullying Barney.
         He gets up and has a fight with his dad about his chores, which had not been done the night before. His older brother calls him a loser, so he leaves for school angry and incited to get into a fight, by Lester, with Trey (his brother). He gets to school and immediately is confronted by Gary and his sister Marcy, who tease him for being poor and pathetic. The trio is caught fighting by a teacher at the school and taken to the principal for punishment.
         When in the principal's office, Barney sees a girl about his age who has never seen before. It is a small town, so he knows everyone and is wondering who she is and why she is in the principal's office. After being talked to about the fight with the bullies, Barney goes to class, where the teacher introduces everyone to the new student, Lynn. He soon becomes enamored with her and finds out that she can see his imaginary friend. He is curious about why she sees it, and why he can't get rid of it. It has been trouble in his life for as long as he can remember.
She tells him that they will figure out a way to get rid of the spirit, if that is indeed what it is.
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