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October NaNo prep Assignments
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October 6, 2021 - Assignment 6: Rising Action

(1) The initial refusal, on the part of Barney, to face the conflict is the fact that he thinks that the imaginary friend (Lester) is all in his mind, and that the bad thoughts are all from his own mind. Lester is just a part of his personality, but he isn't.

(2) The moment when Barney decides to face Lester, and his lies, is when Lynn shows him that what is being done to Barneys thoughts are not right and not really from his mind, but from Lester's evil influence.

(3) The point of no return is when Barney confronts Lester about what he has learned from Lynn about him, and stands up for himself.

(4) The way through the story, and from the point of no return to the climax, is through dialog between Barney, Lynn, and Lester with action between Lynn and Barney when they acknowledge their love for each other. Then they realize that love is the answer to beating Lester.
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