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October 21, 2021 - Assignment 22: Outline Revision #3

Lynn is going to be Barneys salvation, and change him by encouraging him and build him up. She will be a blessing to him. She is the key to the whole story. Everything that Barney does to defeat Lester is because of his love for Lynn, and it is Lynn´s idea to do what Barney does to be successful.

Series of events in chronological order:

7:00am: Barney wakes up and gets ready for school.
7:15am: Barney has a fight with Trey, his brother.
7:55am: Barney gets to school and is confronted by bullies, Gary and Marcy.
8:05am: Barney, Gary, and Marcy are caught fighting and taken to the principal’s office.
8:08am: Barney sees a new girl in the School Office and, she smiles at him.
10:31am: Lynn introduces herself to Barney, and they quickly become friends. Late for class.
Lunch: Barney eats with Lynn, and she sees Lester, so she asks Barney about him.
2:55pm: The kids get out of school. Barney walks home with Lynn.
3:30pm: Barney is yelled at by his Dad for not doing some of his chores.

10:17am: Barney meets Lynn at the park, and they talk about Lester.
10:45: They leave the park on foot and go to the mini-mart, talking the whole way.
11:03: Lynn has an idea, after hearing Barneys story, and wants to meet his parents.
12:30: They have lunch with Barneyś parents and figure out what Lester is.
2:15pm: Barney and Lynn find Gary and Marcy. They find out why the bullies are the way they are, and they become friends.
6:00pm: Barney and Trey apologize to each other.

9:00am: Barney wakes up and knows how to banish Lester.
10:30am: Barney arrives at Lynn's house and tells her his plan.
11:45am: The couple meet up with Gary and Marcy. The four trick Lester into thinking that they could all see him.
5:50pm: Dusk, they all confront Lester and defeat him.
7:00pm: Lynn professes her feelings to Barney in a casual, but worried manner. Barney is finally free.

Act 1

1. Inciting incident:
Barney is bullied by Gary and Marcy and is egged on by Larry to seek revenge.

2. Character's situation at the beginning of the story:
A. Mental: He is angry and frustrated
B. Emotional: Tired of being bullied and put down
C. Physical: N/A
D. Situational: Barney is in a rough place with his parents and peers.

3. Character´s objective and motivation:
A. Objective: To be normal and not to be bullied or influenced, especially by Lester
B. Motivation: To gain freedom from his bullies and to impress Lynn

4. Important piece of character backstory: Barney has had a lot of division and animosity with his family, with the exception of his sister, .

5. Primary sources of stakes and tension:
A. The way his parents and brother treat him
B. The way Gary and Marcy bully him
C. The way Lester is always in his head
D. Does or will Lynn like him romantically?

6. Important secondary characters:
Dad (Larry Knox)
Mom (Fran Knox)
Brother (Trey Knox)
Bullies/friends (Gary and Marcy)
Friend/Love interest (Lynn McQuaid)

7. Important elements to know about, conflicts with other characters, respectively:
A. Barney is emotionally burdened from years of Lester telling him things that are not true
B. Barney´s family loves him, but Lester has made Barney do things that he thought was right, but it was just mean.
C. Barney and Troy do not like each other
Barneyś dad is really tough on him with chores and responsibilities

8. Antagonist: Lester the ¨imaginary friend¨

9 Five crucial plot points/scenes in the first act:
1. Barney gets up and gets in to a fight with his Mom, Dad, and brother
2. Barney goes to school and has a confrontation by peers: Gary and his sister, Marcy
3 In the school office, Barney meets Lynn McQuaid (new kid in school)
4. In the principal´s office, Barney is scolded because of what Lester was telling Barney to do
5. Barney walks home with Lynn and they become friends
10. Three subplot events
1. Barney´s parents have a fight
2. Gary and Marcy have a hard home life
(indent)3. Lynn´s grandmother is sick

11. Position in character arc at the end of Act 1:
Mental: Intrigued
Emotional: Excited and hopeful
Physical: N/A
Situational: Barney know knows that Lester is not just in his head

Act 2

1. Turning point that launches act: Lynn tells Barney that she can see and hear Lester

2. Character´s situation at this point in the story:
Mental: Angry at Lester
Emotional: Likes Lynn and is worried about her and his family
Physical: Has the shakes from rage
Situational: Barney´s eyes were opened to what is going on with Lester, and what he really is

3. Character´s objective and motivation (have they changed?):
Objectives: Wants to get rid of Lester and get closer to Lynn
Motivation: Hate for Lester and feelings for Lynn

4. How the important piece of character backstory plays a part, changes things, or has evolved:
Barney and his parents need to have forgiveness in order to beat Lester.

5. Primary sources of stakes and tension:
A. Lester is always there
B. Barney´s parents are frustrated with him
C. Lynn´s grandmother´s illness
D. Gary and Marcy are always being cruel to Barney
E. Does Lynn really like him?

7. Important elements to know about, or conflicts with, other characters, respectively:
A. Lester is very consistent
B. Barneyś parents are not always supportive
C. Lynn´s grandmother illness is not terminal, but they don´t know that at first.
D. Gary and Marcy have an abusive father
E. Lynn really likes Barney

8. What is the antagonist´s development in this act:
Lester is getting worried about loosing his hold on Barney, so he gets more intense with his torture.

9 Five crucial plot points/scenes in the second act:
1. It´s Saturday, so Barney and Lynn get together to hang out and talk about Lester´s weaknesses.
2. They talk to Marcy about Lester, and she agrees to help because Gary was not nice to her. She didn´t really want to bully Barney, but Gary pressured her to.
3. Barney, Lynn, and Marcy confront Gary and win him over to their side of the situation.
4. Lester inadvertently show the four one of his weaknesses
5. The group sets up a plan to defeat Lester.

10 Three subplot events as they track into the second act:
1. Barney´s father sees the change in Barney since he came home from school on Friday (yesterday) and asks him what is going on with him.
2. Gary and Marcy tell their mom about their father´s abuse of them.
3. Lynn´s grandmother finds out that what she has is curable

11. Position in character arc at the end of Act 2:
Mental: Confident
Emotional: Happy about Lynn, her grandmother, and his new friendships with her and Gary/Marcy, but angry about Lester´s hold on him for so long.
Physical: N/A
Situational: Barney is finally getting some self-confidence about himself

Act 3

1. Turning point that launches act:
Lynn tells Barney that she likes him.

2. Character's situation at the beginning of the story:
Mental: Distraught
Emotional: Depressed and Scared
Physical: N/A
Situational: Tortured by Lester and no confident

3. Character´s objective and motivation (have they changed?):
Objectives: To beat Lester, and win Lynn´s love
Motivation: Freedom from Lester and a new relationship with everyone he now has

4. How the important piece of character backstory plays a part, changes things, or has evolved:
All the characters backstories come together to help Barney defeat Lester.

5 Primary sources of stakes and tension:
Lester is giving Barney his worst, but with his new friends, Barney wins against Lester and sends him back where he came from.

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