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October 23, 2021 - Contest Round: Setting Description

         The house is modest and smells of pine and lilac. It was built in the late 80ยด. The walls are painted with calming tones and has pictures of Barney's family everywhere. You can taste the forest that is outside of it. The trees give it a lot of shade and keep it cool during the summer months. The air feel warm and is like a sunny spring day. The humidifier keeps the house from getting too dry all year long, and the wood stove keeps it comfortable when there is snow or bad weather. Every room has plants, some real, and some plastic. It is well-kept and tidy. You can hear the birds outside, and the wildlife is around the property often. Occasionally you can see bears or other predators of the forest roaming around. There is a family of raccoons that live in the deck outside of the house in the spring to have their kits. It is a good place to live and nothing of it is extravagant.
         There is a trail in the backyard which leads to a road that goes to the center of the small mountain town. There are a lot of smaller trails, which break off of the main one to get to different places in the town. The one that goes to the school is cleared of excess debris because it is used so often. When is snows, people have to use the main roads, which do not have sidewalks, but are always cleared of snow.
         When you get to the school, you see a small set of buildings, which hold all grades, k-12, but separated by grade level. The k=5 is in one building, 6-8 in another, and 9-12 in the larger part of the property, separated from the younger kids. Though it does not look very institutional on the outside, it feels very much like that when you go in. It smells like floor wax and old books. You can hear the gentle whirring of computers and the HVAC systems if the kids are not inside.

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