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Miscellaneous Old

Iceflows on the elbe

Carry bergs to the sea

In one is the ring I gave her

When she came to me

One in a million moments

Brought lovers to embrace

We were in torments

The ring fell without trace.

But we cry together now

This is just as it should be

Every such moment that God allows

is a glimpse of eternity

Mist on fields as sun is rising

my sight is dim but hopes returning

The sun is bright and the light is burning

into my waking mind

Look into my eyes to find,

the sleeper greet the dawn

The mists of night are departing

Into this day I am reborn.

Life Spectator

Ghost in the shadows,

darkness in your eyes

You look into the light

where the fire burns bright

But you can never be

anymore than an echo

of the life you see

Rainbows in the Mist

Do you see the rainbows in the mist

Its a beautiful new day

Was there something that I missed

In the night that's gone away.

We loved and fought and separated

In the hours while others slept

This is not what I anticipated

This is not the plan I set

Do you see the colours of the new day

Hang in silent teardrops in the air

The sun is shining on your hair

I will love you come what may

My Blackberry

Pocket vibration

Where wives can't see

Work calls me

Cup Half Empty

You say that you are true,

That honesty is your way.

But the sky is blue,

And you paint it gray,

Just in case it rains today.

Too many memories to live

Eyes too full of memory

To sparkle in the light

He stares into the sun

As if into the night.

Heart too full of worry

To take anothers pains

He needs space to find himself

His soul beneath false names.

This sky is too blue

This sky is too blue

This sun is too bright

Sometimes what seems so true

Does not feel right.

This girl smiles too much at me

This lady talks too often to me

This woman wants her piece of me

But this man just wants to be

The man God alone can see

A man with a small heart

Dark and light squeezed inside

The smallest space of his heart

The rules like ropes tightly tied

Crushing feelings he cannot impart.


I Search the matter out,

Try to understand,

What kings long to know,

What the Truth can reveal

The flames rise and do not die

The hunger grows and is never satistfied

The questions cannot find their answers

I am pacing restless in the smallest spaces

I need to know the reason why?

The heart of an Exile

Exiled in a strange land

Yet I am always home

On foreign soil I stand

But I am not alone.

I see the green and growing

Of englands fields and woods

I feel the rain upon my face

I remember the atlantic waves

That rolled against the cliffs

I remember the country houses

The castles and palaces royal

Family and friends are in my soul

I sacrificed what I loved for one I love more

I am happy and in pain

As if newly born and dying

Both at the same time.

Who can understand these thoughts and feelings

Who can understand the exiles heart

God looks upon a world of exiles

And will restore us all to a better place.

In his own good time.

A poem I heard and liked (not mine)

Ich male ein Bild

Ein schones bild

Ich male mir den Winter

Weiss ist das Land

Schwarz ist der Baum

Grau ist der Himmel dahinter.

My healing

Sit in silence and decide,

If words can say how you feel.

Reach inside and confide

The wounds that you want healed

When parents fight

My sons face is torn with pain

I shall not forget this look

The agony I saw could tame

The wildest man to shame

He sees his mum and dad at war

As if the love they have is gone

He sees the breaking of Gods law

Of eternal love, its all gone wrong

I love my son so much

So let us reconcile

He needs his mum and dad

To lead him through the time of trial.

Sleeping overnight with daughter in Hospital

#### she is sleeping

Next to her dad

The cable to her foot is keeping

Her fed and watered- it is sad.

I am in a place of sickness

Where children are in pain

And yet here I find a richness

Of loving hearts darkness cannot tame.

And here in this sort of hell

I find new reasons to love

As I pray that my daughter gets well

And commit the other kids to God above

And here again is the reason

My daughter lights this world

With a special gift for the Spring season

In a dark place she is joy so bold.

White Ice Mountain

White ice mountain

Beneath a starry sky

The view below is clouds

A few jagged peaks push through towards the heavens

I stand alone beneath the stars

Starlight cannot melt my frozen tears

And yet even here in this most desolate place

I feel Gods presence warm my soul

As I reach as far as a man can go

I see how much further he has yet to climb

Gods footstool is a step upon a ladder

Into the largest sky.

Hungry for loving

Hungry for loving,

you walk in circles,

looking for something that you never had.

Always restless,

always empty,

always yearning,

you see pieces of what you want,

glimpses of heaven,

but the fragments are never whole

and have not yet found their form

in the smile upon a Saviours face.

Why live to die

A thousand perfect buys

Building blocks that reach to the sky

I'm asking why

you live this lie.

You'll never reach the stars this way

standing on the pile of what you own

It decays beneath you

into the dust

speeding like the seconds down

and falling like the setting sun.

You cannot even afford the stars

yet think that you can fill the space inside yourself

with things that you can buy

you live to die

yet still you do not ask the reason why.

The tide keeps coming

The tide keeps coming,

won't turn around,

though when I built my castle at the top of this beach,

my pride declared that it would stand forever.

But I am only a man,

behind walls of sand,

and God made the storm that tears my castle down.

Listening for the sound

Domesticated thoughts closed to the future,

try to preserve the status quo,

but the future cannot be resisted,

it breaks the moulds of yesterday,

and its whisphers are heard by those who listen for its sound.


Peace is better than war,

to be rich is better than to be poor,

to be happy is better than to be sad,

to be good is better than to be bad.

But death ends it all,

and only the Godly will not fall,

for they trust in a God whose love endures.


If I could see to the boundaries of space and time and grasp the detail in between,

still would I wonder at the infinity that lay beyond the walls of my comprehension

and at the infinite riches of the one who made me.

A beer in the park

A beer in the park out in the April sun,

I place myself inside the scene,

which seemed warmer inside my head,

than this cold reality that makes me shiver.

In the Forest

In the forest at the midnight hour,

men have heard sounds that fed imagination,

they have spoken of monsters that lurk in the shadows,

told tales of magic,

and dreamt dreams dark and light.

I look now into a forest of stars,

but not content with dreams I want to know,

Is anybody out there or are we alone?


If nobody lived in Narnia I suppose we would be only what we can see,

a world of moving masks with no depth of personality.

But if everybody lived in Narnia,

I think that we'd all soon starve!

Green Shoots

Green shoots in the wasteland,

the flowers grow in bloodstained soil,

a stranger smiles,

he's lost a hand,

why did he smile?

I am in turmoil.

The sun comes out from behind the clouds,

dark like an angry past.

I sing my songs of words like smoke,

they hide the fires that killed all hope.

We had our reasons and we were right,

but now we see the price we've paid.

The dead are dead and the wounded maimed,

our purged land is a hurting place,

cleaned of a wickedness that cannot be named.

We need healing,

we need God's grace.

I turn to the sunlight,

from dark to bright,

for the future must forget the past.

Green shoots grow in this land,

the flowers reach towards the sun.

I turn to the sunlight, from dark to bright,

like green shoots growing in this land.

Dark Cloud

Dark cloud you are always overhead,

why can't you rain your tears,

on his dry and thirsty heart,

why can't you wash the flies away,

from the open wounds of comrades slain.

He only stares and will not speak of what has been

and my words sound empty and hollow to him,

because I was not there.

But I see the unspoken pain,

I see the deep darkness in his eyes,

born of a place he does not leave behind,

a place called......

A Deeper Power

We talk about the ocean in a fragile boat on a stormy sea,

our words reach only the shallow sunlit spaces,

but we feel a deeper power move our hearts,

moving through the dark canyons below,

unseen currents that stir us now.

Take a chance

Take a chance on living,

jump the gap between two places and rejoice on reaching the other side,

though it is dark and you do not know,

what you will find.

Man of Prayer

Mighty Warrior of the silent war,

fighting invisible giants with darkened hearts,

strong in the Lord and known only to Him,

you stand and the darkness breaks against this rock,

like giant waves,

like an angry tide of filthy voices,

that cannot reach the lighthouse lamp.

the light penetrates the storm undimmed,

and shouts God's glory in this most dangerous place.

The Desert

In the desert I find a simple purity,

the city was too soiled and noisy.

The silence grants a place to listen.

Free from the urban turmoil,

the crowded voices and machines.

In the peaceful shade of a large rock,

a song begins to rise within me.

And in this place I find you once again my Lord and God.


There is a moment I cannot leave behind,

where the fragrance of your presence lingers,

where to breathe is to love you,

as if you were right here.

Though you are silent

Though you are silent

I hear you sing

though I have tasted of you

I hunger for more

Your smell is on me

and I do not want to wash it off

I feel your touch upon my finger tips

it lingers like a warmth I do not want to lose

With Bullets and Barbies

With bullets and Barbies,

you challenge and charm,

sometimes hard

sometimes soft,

always adored!

With tears and laughter

you stir my heart

through the depths

into the heights

to a love that overwhelms me.

Dreams before Dawn

In dreams before the dawn,

in blackness before red,

I glimpse the truth,

that will fill my waking senses.

I find the light

before the day has come,

I believe that there will be blue

after blood red has defeated night.

An old lady I saw

Young eyes smile back at me

From an old face,

When did the years imprint what I can see,

The wrinkles of time and space.

she's loved, her beloved.

She's won, her right to belong

She's lost, the time to live her dreams,

It seems, lost the time to live her dreams - to the end.

What do I see in young eyes,

That hope does not age

That the writer writes a full page,

Into every life that does not pretend

To have arrived in heaven before its true,

To have sung its song until its through.

She sings, she writes, she is,

Beautiful even now,

Having walked through so many thorns,

Having endured so many storms.

She lives for the night

She does not like this music

nor sing these songs

Her heart flies into the night

to where it belongs

and in the day she lives on memories

of the man who moved her heart

she aches for the home

she remembers alone.


Eyes that look so hungry

to win his smile

She walks around him in a circle

though she pretends to look away

She orbits like a planet

around its star

cannot escape him

though why I cannot say?
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