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Chapter Ten

Madison's eyes were shining as she looked over the website. "Doesn't it look it beautiful?" she said as she handed her Tablet over to Alex. "And they want my C. C.!" She threw her arms around my torso and squeezed me tight.

We were at her place, in the den, just the three of us, though her mom kept finding reasons to come in and pester us, or at least run her eye over us to make sure we weren't all getting too horizontal with each other. Madison had scattered a lot of fat pillows and cushions over the floor, so that we could roll around comfortably in front of the cold and empty fireplace. There was a board game down on the floor with us, too—a very old copy of Sorry!, because Madison said Monopoly would be too messy and distracting—but we'd only got a few moves into it before Madison rolled me onto my back and twisted me around and grabbed me in a way and in a place that made me kick hard and upset the board. Alex, I kept noticing out of the corner of my eye, was watching us with a smile that was at least tolerant and sometimes amused.

But I had that website in the back of my mind the whole time—the Saint Athanasius website that Aunt Heather made me look at. At the time I'd just grunted and told her I'd look at it later, and she promised me that we definitely would look at it later, but I hadn't really been planning to tell Madison about it all, because I could guess how she'd react—like she was reacting now. But when Alex asked if I was going to go with Madison to Lexington College after graduation, and Madison said that of course I was, I decided to tell them about the visitors we'd had.

"And we're only going to be, like, twenty miles away from each other," Madison said in a dreamy voice as she rubbed her face into the crook of my neck. "I wonder if there's a place halfway in between we could live at! Then we could live right next to each other, or even—" She giggled. "And we could commute to class and—"

"They might want me living on campus," I said. "Like, if they're going to pay my housing expenses, they—"

"They could set it up to reimburse you. I just don't twant o be apart from you as much as I can help!" Madison mewled.

"You, uh, see anything interesting in there?" I asked Alex, who was concentrating on the Tablet.

"No, just checking things out." She tossed a sheet of her shining hair back as she looked up and over at me with a keen smile. "It looks a lot more exclusive than Lexington."

I felt Madison's nails digging into my back, and I squirmed loose from her.

"Yeah, well," I gasped, "that's how come I couldn't believe it. And it sounds like I really blew it. Aunt Heather thinks I really blew it with them."

"Oh, you can just talk to them again," Madison said. "Tell them you thought about it, and you—"

"They sounded really unhappy. I, uh, I'd almost bet they don't want to talk to me. I mean, I really insulted them."

"But you have to talk to them! Just tell them—"

"Oh, I'll talk to them. If I can find a place to call them at."

"And if you can't, well—" Madison dimpled up at me. "You'll just have to settle for Lexington and me!"

Right. Because even though I probably couldn't get into either of the big state schools, or even into Eastern, I could at least get into an expensive private college like Lexington. Because Madison just knew I could.

"You want something to drink?" I asked as I got up. "I'm gonna get me something." She asked for a diet soda, and lay back with a dreamy smile as she took out her phone.

I was leaning against the kitchen countertop with my soda, and ignoring the one I'd taken out for Madison, when Alex came in. She gave a little start of surprise when she saw me. I asked her if she had wanted me to bring her something too.

"No, I was just going to look for a snack." She opened the pantry door, and I got a heart-stopping look at the shape of her butt and the curve of her back as she looked into the pantry. "Maddy said they had some keto bars or something in here."

"I should take her drink in to her," I mumbled as I tore my gaze off Alex's backside.

"She's on her phone. I think she's telling all her friends that you'll be playing football at some five-star resort college." She glanced back at me over her shoulder. "You know, she's going to ask you to ask those guys if they can get her in there."

I hadn't even thought that far ahead, but I instantly saw her point.

"I'm sorry about all that stuff going on in there," I told her.

"What stuff?"

"Her, um, being affectionate with me."

She smiled—a very knowing smile, with just a trace of sarcasm inside it. "Aren't you having fun?"

"Um ... I guess?"

"Don't worry about me." She went back to studying the interior of the pantry. "Maddy thinks that because I'm homeschooled, I don't get to see stuff like that."

"Why are you homeschooled?" I asked, desperate to get off the subject of Madison and the eight hands she kept trying to get onto me.

"Why not? It's just a different way of being taught." She dug something out of a box. "You know, people think that if you're homeschooled, you aren't socialized or something," she went on after turning back around to face me. "Like, they think you don't have friends, you're a hothouse plant. That you're fragile and weak. Well, let me tell you something, C. C.—"

"Charlie," I corrected her. "Or Charles or Chaz or 'Hey, shithead'. But not 'C. C.'"

Her eyes narrowed. "Why, is 'C. C.' your private pet name that only Maddy gets to call you?"

"No. Well, sort of. She's the only one who calls me that, and, um—"

"Oh. You don't like it."

I winced.

"So tell her not to call you that."

"That's hard to do."

"Mmm." Her face tightened into a smile. "Yeah, I kind of get that impression."

Something about the way she said that struck me as weird. "I thought you guys were, like, best friends from way back."

"Oh, we played a lot together back when I still lived here. I guess we were really good friends."

"Not best friends?"

"Don't try to put words in my mouth. I just meant, yeah, we were really good friends."

"You're talking like you don't even know her that good. Or like you feel like you don't know her that good."

"What did I say that sounded like that?"

"About getting an impression of her. You said you get the impression it's hard to get her to stop doing things."

Alex's eyes widened a little. Then she bit down on a sudden grin and looked away. "Oh," she said.



"No, what?"

Her eyes were dancing as she looked back at me. She hesitated, then with a tiny wince she said, "Oh, I know exactly what Maddy is like, trust me. When I said that, I just meant I get the impression that you have a hard time telling her to not do stuff."

I felt myself blushing all over.

"Listen," she said, "if it's easy for you to tell me not to call you whatever, then why is it hard for you to tell her not to?"

"Because," I said with a burning face, "it just is."

She laughed. "I wonder if you'd have a hard time telling me what to do."

And then she smiled and seemed to inflate all over.

No, really, she did. I don't know how she did it. Was it just my imagination? But her hips seemed to widen and the curve over her belly to shrink, and her breasts plumped up even more under the silver-gray t-shirt that poured like a smooth waterfall over them. My eyes started to itch and water because my lids were frozen open.

"Is Madison the only girlfriend you've ever had?"


"Is Madison—?"

"What?" I finally tore my gaze from her breasts. "Oh. Well. If you mean, going steady or, um, going, uh—"

"All the way?"

My lungs froze.

"You've kissed other girls, though, right?"

The joints in my neck squeaked as I nodded. Maybe it shook loose a clot in my brain, because I was suddenly aware of the blooming boner that Alex was giving me with her magically inflating girl parts, her mischievous stare, and talk that wasn't dirty, exactly, but was pretty goddamned frank.

"Did you let those girls push you around the way Madison pushes you around?"

That blush came back, even worse because it felt like the blood was squirting straight up from my hot, hard, flushing prick. "Madison doesn't push me—"

"Oh, bullshit, Charlie. You were apologizing to me because of the way she's all over you in there. And I can tell it's a genuine apology, that you don't like her doing all that stuff in front of me. But you won't make her stop. Any more than you can make her stop calling you 'C. C.'"

"I'll make her stop," I muttered.

"Well, if you do, do it on your account, not for me. Because I don't give a flip what you and her do in front of me. I was going to say, before we got off the subject, that I'm no hothouse plant just because I'm homeschooled. I grew up with friends in my neighborhood, and I'm friends with their friends, and we go out all the time. I'm not embarrassed, but I'm not impressed, either."

Her nostrils flared, and her chest swelled, and she turned and walked over to the sliding glass door that led out onto the patio. The swivel in her hips almost capsized me as she went out.

I had to pat my face with the hem of my shirt after she was gone, and my breath was coming in the kind of short, labored gasps that normally I'd have to run a long, hard sprint to get. I was shaking all over, too.

God damn it, Charlie, I yelled at myself, you should'a known better than to come over here. You should'a texted Madison, told her you were coming down with a cold or a fever or Martian cock-rot, told her you got hit by a train and was dead or was being kidnapped by space aliens, anything to get out of coming over here. Because you knew Alex was going to be here and you knew what that was going to do to you, but God damn it, you had no idea she was going to be like this, or that you were going to—

I went to the door and slid it open. Alex was standing on the edge of the patio, looking into a back yard that was sunk in darkness, but she turned to look back at me. I slid the door shut and in two strides I was at her. She sucked in a quick breath through her nose, but she didn't fight, she relaxed into my arms as I wrapped them around her, putting one open palm to the small of her back and the other onto her butt. I put my mouth to hers, and she opened hers to mine.

We didn't kiss long. I broke off when I heard something, and lifted my face to see what it was.

It was the glass door sliding open. Madison was standing in the doorway. She reached over to flick the patio switch, and my arms were still around her cousin when the backyard lights flooded over us.
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