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Good Morning & Happy Fall to ALL
Woke up with a strange burst of energy. Like a geyser sprung up within me and doesn't seem to have an on/off valve. I am not sure, but I think it might be because I fell asleep listening to John Haggie (I think I spelled his last name correctly?) reading meditative healing scriptures. I didn't intend to fall asleep. Its just his voice was so calm and soothing, I like it when he's not yelling about hellfire and damnation. *Think*

Anyway, was woke up at almost 5 this morning by Annie who decided to bark at two flies in the window. She made it sound like a mass murderer was attempting to break in and murder all of us. Her hackles were raised, and she was deep throat growling and gnashing her teeth. None of which she's ever done before. That dog really does NOT like flies apparently. I insisted those flies would not hurt her and after some snuggles and calm chatting, she calmed down and left the poor flies alone.

After that, I was wide awake and my husband already had the coffee pot sputtering and making its usual noises. Does anyone else have a very noisy coffee pot that likes to sputter and spit and do a strange gurgling sound as it brews? Our sure does...no one sleeps through the coffee-making process in this house. As I was sitting there thinking about everything I need to do today, I urge to make candy hit hard and fast.

It's been at least two years since I've been in the mood to make candy. Last year, I cheated and told my husband how to make peanut butter fudge candy. He did all the work and I just supervised *BigSmile*. This morning, I decided it was time to make a batch of homemade caramel popcorn with peanuts. My husband was all too happy to fire up the popcorn popper and I put him in charge of making two batches of popcorn while I fired up my electric skillet and began work on the caramel. I'm in such an energized mood, I even took pics and will share them with you!

My husband took a bunch of popcorn to our friend Joe down the street. Joe doesn't have teeth. I warned my husband he might not be able to eat it. I was dead wrong. When it comes to sweets...Joe forgets he doesn't have teeth. He had no problem at all sucking the caramel off the nuts and spitting out the nut. He ate the whole container of popcorn with his coffee *Laugh* So, apparently I don't have to worry much about sending over stuff with nuts. Good to know with the holidays coming up!

I must really be in a cooking mood. I told my husband I'd make cranberry orange pork chops with fried rice and stir-fry veggies for dinner. All he has to do is go get a can of unsweetened frozen orange juice & a bottle of low sodium soy sauce. It only takes one bus ride to Walmart. He left on his mission. While he's away I've got some writing I need to get done today and work on a few other projects. Downloading and Uploading pics is one of them. Happy Fall Everyone! *LeafR*

image for my blog - making caramel Candy Large skillet, in the process of making caramel.

image for my blog Coat the popcorn & peanuts well. Will be VERY sticky and very HOT. Do not touch with your fingers at this stage!

image for my blog Spread popcorn & peanuts on wax paper in a single layer. Let cool completely. It's OK to carefully nibble a bit, but be careful it's still hot at this point. Let set for about 20 minutes. Don't let husband eat it ALL.

image for blog If there is any left, put in a serving bowl or plastic air-tight container. The original directions say it can last up to two weeks in the fridge. I do not know. It never lasted more than two days in my house. *Laugh*

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