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This is about the pitfalls of a superstar athlete who is trying to remain true to himself.
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the consequences
They walked into the dining room and Hope Smith was setting a platter on the table. On the table was grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, squash and steaming fresh bread. The boys sat at the table and Chappy walked around and kissed his wife.
Need any help honey?
Nope ya’ll are just in time. I pulled the bread out of the oven a few minutes ago. They both sat down and Mr. Smith bowed his head and prepared to say grace. The others followed suit and when the prayer was done they all said Amen in unison. Everyone dug into the dish that was in their vicinity and the passed it to the left. Mrs. Smith began the conversation as she passed the chops to Teddy.
Do you boys know a young man named James Spencer?
A.J. and Teddy’s eyes enlarged as they looked up at each other from across the table. A.J. answered,” He goes to our school. He is the football team’s quarterback. Why?”
Well apparently he won’t be playing this season. He was arrested for drunk driving last night.
How did you find this out mom?
His mother is friends with a girl in my bridge club. So when his mother confided in her she called me and gave me the scoop.
Dear you know it isn’t polite to gossip.
Of course, but this boy goes to the same school with our son and that makes it our business. But if you don’t want to hear about it then I will just keep it to myself.
Well since you already know…it would be wrong for you to keep things from me.
Hope smiled and then told her story. James Spencer was driving through town and ran a stop sign. An officer saw and pulled him over. Then the officer was taken aback because the driver not only reeked of alcohol but his face was bruised and beaten. When the officer asked what happened James vomited on the officer’s pants. He took James out of the car and he couldn’t even stand up on his own. He placed him under arrest and when he asked how he got the injuries he wouldn’t say a word. He was obviously in a fight but he wouldn’t say with whom.
What are his parents saying?
Not much but this apparently wasn’t the first trouble he has been in. he has also been caught drinking on school grounds and he was stopped for reckless driving last year but nothing happened. How do you suppose that happened?
His parents must have friends in special places.
Well in any case this must be the last straw because his bags were packed when his father brought him home from the police station. Rumor is that the charges are being dropped but James has to go to a rehab center for 6 months and then he is being enrolled in a military school in Oklahoma.
Teddy and A.J. remained statuesque during the story. When they finished eating they excused themselves and cleared their plates. They went to A.J.’s room and dissected what this all meant. Ultimately it meant that as long as James didn’t implement them in the fight their problems were over.

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