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This is about the pitfalls of a superstar athlete who is trying to remain true to himself.
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the draft
There was no coverage of the draft on ESPN, or any other sports channel for that matter, that was saved for the barbarian football players. A.J.’s dad always said, “The less you use your brain the more attention you get”. Possible draftees would go about their normal routine and try not to let the anticipation get to them. The only problem with this was that every time the phone rang you had to wonder if it was a team representative letting you know you were selected.
The boys were at A.J.’s house when they got the call. They were playing RUMMY in A.J.’s room when fate rang. The phone rang and the boys stopped their game, looked at one another with uncertainty and held their breath in suspense. When they didn’t hear anything after a minute or two they released the air from their lungs and refocused on the game.
About 15 minutes passed when the 2nd interruption of their game came in the form of a light tap on the bedroom door. A.J. was thankful for the distraction because he was getting creamed. Teddy was up in this particular game by a solid 75 points and was winning the series 6 games to 2. The boys looked up and it was A.J.’s dad.
Son I need to talk to you.
Okay. What’s up?
Teddy started to excuse himself so that they can have their privacy but Mr. Smith stopped him before he could get off the floor. This involves you as well so sit back down please, Chappy asked.
A.J. suddenly had an eerie feeling rise in the pit of his stomach. What if his dad found out about the bowling alley and what happened in the park. How would he explain not only what happened but then covering up what took place?
Dad, what’s going on?
I just got off the phone with Teddy’s dad and a gentleman named Mr. Sanchez. Do you know him?
Yeah he is with the Philadelphia Phillies, responded A.J. What did he want?
Well, he explained who he was and said that he had some information about you and Teddy. He said he knew what good friends you two are so he asked if we could call Teddy’s dad and make the announcement at the same time. So I called your dad on 3 – way and Mr. Sanchez gave us the unbelievable news.
Dad what are you talking about?
He informed us that you were both property of the Philadelphia Phillies.
Is this a joke dad?
Nope. Apparently the team decided that they had to have you both and instead of risking losing one of you to another team they made a deal. Mr. Sanchez said the team worked out a 3 way deal with Detroit and Washington to get both of you. The four of us have a meeting tomorrow morning to discuss your contracts. Teddy’s parents are meeting us at Red Lobster in about 20 minutes to celebrate so you guys need to get moving.
Teddy and A.J. leaped to their feet and started jumping up and down. They were pumping their fists in the air and cheering at the top of their lungs. Chappy stood in the doorway smiling as he watched the young men go nuts. The biggest smile covered his face as he realized he had never seen his son happier than at this very moment.
Hurry up boys! We have to be out the door in 5 minutes if we want to get to the restaurant on time.
Okay dad. We’ll be down in just a minute.

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