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A Different Day, A different Mood
April 18, 2007

Short note to say I resign from all the chaos that has entered our life. I'm Fried.

J-ok the boy's name is Jamie-please...use it when you pray to God on his behalf, I beg of you.  Jamie is sick again. He's got a green snotty nasty nose with that smell only a sinus infection gives off. He's complaining of his ear hurting (just the right one) he's congested, but thankfully not wheezing yet. We have a dr's appointment tomorrow. I have some questions to ask the man...I know we can't make the tests happen any faster and I know we won't have those answers any sooner..but ...I need a game plan. I need to know what we are doing from here...regardless of the answers from those tests...while those tests can indicate an immune deficiency...what else are we going to do?  Do we need to go back to the ENT...or what.  Do we need to check some other labs? Go see a different dr.?  It's been less than a month since our ER visit.  Obviously the antibiotic didn't get rid of the last sinus infection.  He's not running a temp, thank you sweet Jesus. But he doesn't always. He's not feeling good...he's laying around on and off...he's just sitting and watching tv (he rarely does that accept when sick...or if certain parts of certain movies are on) His lips are chapped...his teeth hurt, his eyes hurt.

Pray please..it's not life threatening..but we need a break here. We need some direction and some answers.


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