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My weekend
April 26, 2007

Ok, so back to my weekend that I havne't updated y'all on yet...

My friend Robyn and I hadn't seen each other in more than 10 years...we'd only recently reconnected through classmates.com...she found me. :)

I had met her two oldest...the third one I'd met as a baby..and the youngest I only knew of his existence. She'd never met either of mine..and didn't know of J's existence at all.

We met up and went bowling-her husband's idea.  Everyone had a lot of fun and the kids hit it off right away. Her oldest (15) was unable to come but her two daughters ages 14 and almost 13 loved C (who is 10) as much as she loved them. KK-her youngest at 9 and J who is 4 got along wonderfully too.  The kids spent the night here with us while Robyn and her hubby stayed in a motel.

Saturday we met up at Jamboree (kick off to our local ball season) It's a parade of the teams through the streets in town-kids throwing candy....they parade to the ball field, where speeches are given, the pledge said and national anthem is sung. The teams are reminded of our league rules and presented to the community as well as the sponsors..then all the teams (other than tball) scrimmage throughout the day.

C's game wasn't until 2pm and J is playing tball (but oh he loved being in the parade!)so we went and ate and then came home...our hubby's went to the grocery store to get stuffs for the grill for later. Again, the kids enjoyed one anothers company as did Robyn and I...1:30 saw us back at the ballfield...preparing for the game.  They all went with us.

The game went very well...C's team won by a huge margin...she was walked once, hit a double, and struck out once..she got to pitch the final inning..and the score was something like 28-9. They did VERY well and we are very proud of them all. (Amazingly enough-practice the other night was like invasion of the body snatchers..where they suddenly forgot how to play!!) They even had a double play and a triple play during their game.  Mom (me) came home a little hoarse.

After the game the kids and the men hit the ball around for a while, then we came back here..and the guys grilled steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs..made baked potato's..salad....and hung out..Robyn and I did a small bit of running and then came back to help..we ate, fed the kids..and played spades for abit...they left aobut midnight...the girls were more devistated than we were I think and the letters are already flying back and forth between them.

We had a lot of fun...I miss her alot and wish we'd had more time to visit...but her hubby is one who likes to be doing, doing, doing...and that means he's not real happy if he's having to listen to women chitchat...he was an ok guy....though he had his moments...that I wasn't so sure.  All in all it was a good weekend for that many people to be getting aquainted and re aquainted and I can't wait to get together soon... ( though maybe it will have to be a girl thing...lol)

On another note about Robyn...I owe her a big thanks...she financed my upgraded membership for a year...she says because she couldn't think of a better way to show me how much she believes in me...I thought that was very sweet.

Well, I have 5 kids sitting in time out-for playing with the ceiling fan...too many he said's, she said's....he did it firsts...so they all get to sit-for those of you who don't know..I only have 2...but I babysit...when they all come in the door there is a very short period of time where there are 8 children in my house..uggg...lol

I'm outta here for the evening...ball practice...and the next few days will be busy...C has an away game tomorrow evening at 6pm....Sat both kids have a game at 2pm (I guess I will learn to split myself in 2) and I think I'm going to go take the placement test for college in the morning on Sat....Sunday at church is Mission Sunday and we will be there from 9 until after lunch (gotta love a pitch in...lol)

Monday night is a game for C...so busy busy busy...

Hope all is well with y'all

blessings and hugs

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