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4 Tournament games down-at least 1 to go....
June 14, 2007

Ok....I have to backtrack to last week-we played a make up gameThe girls played a great game..lots of hits, decent pitches...but they couldn't win with this ump...called strikes for them not swinging at ball that hit the ground before the plate..then called balls on strikes we threw...our coaches (and the parents) were getting pretty ticked...the ump was not even behind the plate but standing back at the fence....our last up to bat...a run that would have brought us within one of them (and allowed another girl to bat...thereby allowing us to tie the game becasue we had a runner on third)  our girl slid into home plate...the catcher had the ball...the runner slid under the glove...she should have been safe but the gosh darn ump called her out...he almost had an entire team of parents at his throat...OMG...we lost by 2 (1 if you count the run he called out) He so sucks...they didn't swing at much, walked in like 20 runs...because he kept calling balls that weren't balls...we've only had one ump that was even close to this bad this season and all I can say is they'd better not be umping the tourney....

Our game on Sat was at 5:30-It went well...we won 19-6. Sunday we won 10-6-leaving us to play on Monday-both of those games went well, the girls played hard..Cassy played well. On Monday we played the only team we'd had trouble hitting off of....and we had lost to them during regular season 5-1....Monday night we lost-12-6.

The loss on Monday night hit us hard  The girls didn't start really playing ball until the 5th inning...and if they could've hit off the pitcher we'd have managed to catch up...however....it was destined by God himself I believe..because when we lost on Monday night it put us down in the bracket to play the team we lost to last Thursday night-the make up game that sent me sputtering and spewing.....the game where the ump made such bad calls...now we know why-we found out last night he's the father to one of the pitchers....wow....how bad can you get.....Too late to protest.

But ...revenge is sweet-and we proved to be the better team-when good and honest umps are watching-we wiped the floor with them 20-2...have wonder how they beat us by 2 pts when we played them before...It took 2 hours plus to play 5 innings...between the breaks the other team and the ump took and how bad their pitchers were......that our coach decided to bench 3 of his players who will move up next year...3 of his strongest players...and let some of the girls play new positions.....moving outfield infield...and look who took the catcher position at the bottom of the 4th inning....

Getting dressed-she took  a lot of razzing from her coaches (good natured) as she had to have help and it took a while as they had to adjust the straps on the shin guards and she has a pretty good stance And she even caught a few!
I have one pic where she looks like she's trying to catch the bat!!..lol

The only issue we had with her being catcher was she was almost as tall as the ump and kept jumping up to get the ball before it crossed the plate...making it difficult for the ump to see them plate!

We play again on Friday-that team hasn't been deteremined...it will be the winner from one of the teams that plays tonight-I don't see it as a problem...it won't be the team from Monday night-of the 2 teams it will be between I think we've beat them both-and I think the only team close to us strenght wise is the one who beat us on Monday night-I have no doubt they will be one of the 2 teams in the championship on Sunday...we hope to be the other one.:)

I'll keep you posted on the ball stuff!

Well, time to run, have a few things to do and a couple of items I'd like to actually write..lol

hugs, hope all is well with you and yours

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