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One of the richest men in the world declares war on Sheriff Johnson and the Pack.
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Chapter Nine
That evening they were back at their base. While the rest of the team threw a party for Buzzsaw, the Colonel went to his cabin. He saw the light flashing on his telephone telling him there was a message for him. He retrieved the message from Alex Whitingham, asking him to contact him. The Colonel liked working for Whitingham. He always paid the full amount and always on time. Just as important from the Colonel’s point of view was he did not complain about collateral damage. He dialed the number and when Whitingham’s answering machine came on, stated he was ready to do business.

He sat by his phone and waited. He knew it would not be long. Whitingham had a policy of only talking directly on the phone if he was the one that initiated the call. He had electronic countermeasures that prevented his call from being overheard by a third party. The Colonel had the same equipment, but would let Whitingham make the call to keep him happy.

His patience was rewarded when five minutes later he was on the phone to Whitingham.

“Colonel, I have a group of people I needed taken out and captured.”

“Make up your mind. I can’t do both. They are dead or they are a prisoner. I guess I could turn over a dead prisoner to you, but I have the idea that is not what you want.”

“All together, there are four targets. I need three killed and one taken alive. There are two women and a man. My information is that they are in their early twenties. I would like them dead. There is also a county Sheriff. I need him alive and unharmed.”

“Can do. When does this need to take place?”

“The sooner the better. How long until you can get to Missoula, Montana?”

“I can leave with my team at first light. We have a lot of equipment to move and we will have to travel fifteen hundred miles, but we can be there in two days.”

“That will work. If possible, I would like the three you are to kill eliminated without a lot of hoopla. Quietly in their home or away from any witnesses would be best. After you have the Sheriff, I’ll make contact with you and we will arrange to have him handed over.”

“You know the price I am asking? I have more men and better weapons so I’ve gone up two million dollars since I worked for you five years ago in Columbia.”

“I already have the money transferred to your account. As a demonstration of how vital this operation is, there will be an additional five million added if everything works out exactly the way I told you.”

“If it is that important to you, I will make sure my men know it is that important to me. If there is nothing else, I have to prepare them for the journey. I will contact you in two days.”

There was a click as Whitingham hung up. The Colonel went to tell his men they would have to stop the drinking part of the party. He could not have them with hangovers when they left in the morning. He explained that within a week, they would be back and on top of their standard fee, each of them would be getting a fifty thousand dollar bonus. Then they could enjoy a real celebration. He had several men begin to load the equipment onto the trucks.

The Colonel returned to his cabin and got his calendar. It would take two days to get to his destination. He would use one more day setting up a base of operations and one day reconnoitering the area and establishing exactly where he would make the kills. Then on the next day, he would eliminate them. He saw on his calendar the moon would be almost full. That was good. If they had to make the attack at night, there would be plenty of light for them to see by.


There was a cloud of dust when Eddie slammed the brakes of the car in front of the cabin. He was out of the car and at the cabin door in only a couple of seconds. Tonya had the door open for him before he reached it. He was by her and inside. He saw Diane talking on the phone. A wave of relief passed over him when he heard Miranda’s voice on the other end of the conversation.

“Both of them are okay,” Tonya said as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Tell me what happened.”

While Diane stayed on the phone, Tonya related the story. Eddie was as enraged as Sara had been by the time it was over. He was not upset about the crashed jet, he was angry his Alpha and Sara had been attacked. He was ready to go to Houston and take care of business, but Tonya said Miranda ordered all of them to stay in Montana and protect the Sheriff once she learned he was in danger. She and Sara would take care of any and all problems in Texas.

Miranda spent several minutes talking to each of them, assuring them that both she and Sara were okay.

After the call was over, Eddie fell into his chair, grateful things had not turned out worse. In the distance, all of them heard a siren as it got closer. Ten minutes later, Sheriff Johnson made another dust cloud as he skidded to a stop at the cabin. All three pack members were at the door to greet him.

“I just found out,” he said. “Please tell me they are okay.”

“They are mad as a wet cat, but they are okay,” Diane said as she led him into the cabin.

Once again Tonya explained what happened. The Sheriff was as relieved as Eddie had been.

When everyone was calm again, the Sheriff said, “I was in too much of a hurry to give it a lot of thought when I left home, but I noticed a car door sitting on the sidewalk near my house. I see there is a car in the yard that just happens to be missing a door, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s even the same color. Is that a lucky coincidence or what?”

“No coincidence, Sheriff,” Eddie said. He told the Sheriff about his meeting with the three men. He changed the ending somewhat, saying he chased them away instead of feeding them to the coyotes. He borrowed their car when Diane called him about the plane crash.

“So a man called Whitingham and another called Igor are out to get me and you believe Robinson Sr. is paying them to do it,” Sheriff Johnson said.

“That makes sense,” Diane said. “Unless there is another multibillionaire you have angered.”

“The only multibillionaire I know is Miranda, and I go out of my way not to make her angry.”

“Smart move,” Tonya said as she walked to him. “I made her angry once. I’ll never do that again, let me assure you.” She removed her hairpins and shook her head. Her hair tumbled down across her shoulders. She wore a dress held up by two straps across her shoulders. She crossed her hands to each strap and pushed them off and the dress fell to the floor. She had nothing on underneath it.

She stepped back and the Sheriff looked at her. Tonya was one of the four most beautiful women the Sheriff had ever seen. The only ones that could rival her were the other pack members. Tonya was over two centuries old, but her body was that of a twenty-one year old. She was voluptuous. Her brunette hair came past her shoulders to mid-back. Her skin was flawless, without even a freckle on her. Over the decades she had suffered several gunshot wounds and been slashed with knifes and razors. There was not a trace of a scar from any of those wounds. Her breasts were full and firm with the nipples being a light pink. Her legs were long and as perfect as the rest of her. The only hair on her body was the hair on her head and her eyebrows and eyelashes. There was not a strand anywhere else, not even the down people had on their arms and legs.

He had seen her nude many times. He had seen all the female pack members in the buff. He figured it was one of the ways they rewarded him for behaving himself. He smiled and turned to Eddie. “I guess I had best head back home. It looks as if you have your work cut out for you.”

“No, stay here,” Tonya said as she placed a hand on his shoulder. “Eddie will be with Diane, and you will be with me.”

“Be with you? You mean…”

“I mean you can think of billions of things worse than having me naked on top of you.”

“You’re in for a great time,” Eddie stated. “As the saying goes, she’s got what it takes and she knows how to use it.”

“Is this some kind of joke or is she serious? How long have you been planning this?”

“This is the first I’ve heard of it,” Diane said as she walked to them. “Our little vixen is just full of surprises.”

Diane slipped her clothes off when she was next to them. “Isn’t she perfect?” she asked as she gazed at Tonya.

The Sheriff was barely able to speak above a whisper. “All of you are gods,” he said.

“Let me show you how I always start out,” Diane said. “First is a kiss.” She stepped to Tonya and they brought their lips together. Sheriff Johnson watched their cheeks move as the other’s tongue explored their mouths. Tonya placed her hands around Diane’s head, holding her to her. Diane wrapped her arms around Tonya’s back. It was over a minute before Diane pulled away. She caressed Tonya’s throat and ran her tongue up and down it. “She is so delicious.” She turned her head from Tonya and looked at the Sheriff. “Next, I go for the breasts.” She ran her hand along Tonya’s arm and across her shoulder. She released Tonya and stepped back. She took the Sheriff’s hand and moved him up to where she stood only seconds earlier. “Get a load of these tits.” She placed his hand on one of Tonya’s breasts.

“Eddie and I are going to the woods and play,” Diane said as Eddie joined her at the door. “You two have fun.”

Then, in an instant, Rick and Tonya were alone as the other two took off.

Tonya placed her hands around his neck. “Carry me to the bedroom,” she said to him.

The Sheriff thought he was in a dream as he lifted her into his arms and did as she asked.

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