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This is my blog for junior year!
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The "Do Not Pet" List
I'm in a really good mood. *Bigsmile*


"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] Prompt: Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things. Take this and apply it to your blog in any way you see fit.
         Don't sweat the petty things. Hm... Well, something happened to me today that I thought of when I read this prompt.
         So it was during lunch, after I was done eating but before my sectional. I went into the band locker room to get my flute. There was only one other guy in there, Sean. He's a trombone player and he had a sectional as well. He said "Hey!" or some other form of greeting which I don't remember. Anyways, I responded. And then he suddenly goes "You've become a lot less antisocial this year."
         And I'm like "What? I tried to be more social last year."
         And he goes, "Well but freshman year you were like really quiet and antisocial. And now you're... not."
         I'm like "Well, I did try before, I just wasn't good at it."
         And he responds "Well, yeah, but freshman and sophomore year you were just really really antisocial and now you're not."
         And I go, "I just stopped caring what people think of me. It makes everything soooo much easier."
         "Have you ever considered being a psychologist?"

         So, I'm pretty sure that was a compliment. In fact, I am sure it was a compliment. And what I said is true, to a point. I think the real truth is not so much caring what people think of me, but more just expecting them to not be nice to me. That way when they are, I'm pleasantly surprised. One of my friends from church told me that's kind of sad. It's the happiest I've felt since going to high school, though, so it works. And actually, today, two other people complimented me. I had an All State practice sectional in a practice room, and the trumpets needed to use that room so Mr J told them to kick me out. They come in and Greg, one of the seniors, goes "Hey, Mr J told us to kick you out."
         And one of the freshman, who is standing in the back says "Beat him up!"
         Greg goes, "No, we can't beat up Calvin. Calvin's nice."
         And the other senior, Nathan, says "Yeah, Calvin's actually not a dick like almost everyone else in band."
         Well, that made me feel good. *Smile* I always did get along well with the trumpets. They are the only ones whose freshmen I know all the names of (Jonathan, Kyle, Peter, and Billy (his real name's Will but I call him Billy). I think if there was some sort of war in the band, the flutes and trumpets would be on the same side. Oh now that that thought's been in my head I've got to expand on it.
If the Band Was At War With Itself

Side 1
Side 2


*Music1*Alto Saxophones

*Music2*Bari Saxes



*Music1*Tenor Saxes

*Music1*French Horns

         Okay sorry got sidetracked. Here's the list for today:
"Please Do Not Pet"
*Hand1*The Jellyfish
*Hand1*The Grapevine
*Hand1*The Nun
*Hand1*The Railroad
*Hand1*The Guitar
*Hand1*The Mattress
*Hand1*The Skittles Cloud
*Hand1*The Newborn
*Hand1*The Elderly
*Hand1*The Squirrel
*Hand1*The Octopus
*Hand1*The Teacher
*Hand1*The Electric Eel
*Hand1*The Dinosaur


"Blogging Circle of Friends [E] Prompt: Breaking News.... you tell me

         Breaking news! I'm super excited after my CORE meeting last night (that's apparently how it's written.)
         Basically, what it is is a student leadership team that helps out at youth group. There's about thirty kids on it and we're divided into four teams. The four teams are: Pop and Pizza , High Five Team , Environment and Doors and Directions . I am a D&D guy. I think I may have the best team. We have a bunch of kids that grew up in the church, or are really on fire outgoing and peppy people, or both. It's going to be awesome. We've been given creative range over our area, we just have to get it approved by Ps. Adam first. I'm like bursting with ideas I can't wait until our group starts communicating and we decide what we're going to do. I just can't wait! *Bigsmile* I'm totally in my element here: creativity on how to do things.


         Okay so remember "Dusk"  ? Well, I discovered today that basically any time I play melody, it's a solo. Because I'm the only first flute. There's just one part that's really hard to play for me. For those of you musical people, think Ab two octaves above the bar held for six counts at *Music1*=44 with a pause but no breath. (It literally says no breath). That requires so much air, and then I have to hold it. It happens at 2:30 in the video if you were wondering. It sounds terrible right now because I can't hit it very well, but I'll figure it out.
         I had an All State sectional today and my teacher helped me figure out how to work in a breath that I desperately need for my excerpt. I have to cut out two notes, which he said is better than being behind on the whole thing (for you musical people it's triplets in 4/4 at *Music1*=184 two octaves above the bar). Now that I've got that down it's easy for me to accelerate tempo. Which is good. I'm around *Music1*=130 right now.
         I wonder if anyone who reads this understands music and understands what I'm talking about. I know Lyn told me she didn't know a ton about music, but I wonder who else.
         I got a 95 on my APUSH test. Which is awesome, considering everyone else I've talked to has gotten like 60s-70s on it. And just yesterday they were teasing me because they all did better than me on the first test. *Laugh*
         LifeGroup tomorrow. So excited. I'm at a good phase in my life right now. I'm going to enjoy it.

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