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10 years later: My W>D>C blog here! Nuts & bolts of a mystic's "beyond Chapel Perilous"
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Yowsa! Busy Happy Fall (already?)
Okay, it seems to me like it's been a million years (at Least...) since I had the time, and inspiration to sit down to express myself once again. So much has happened since last I wrote, it's like I come here to gather my thoughts and try to put them down, then another wave of Real-time reality hits. It's enough to live through events but at the same time one needs to have time to process them. At least I do... So many people are looking at me, on Twitter--Facebook- some I know from the real-time world, past and present. Some have found me on their own, and like what I stand for!

I so am thankful for like minded Souls, in these days of Darkness vs Light. Angels and Demons working overtime... 2 fellow WDC writers found my hidden Port, and enjoyed what they saw,taking the time to give me real feedback, as I told them, "It's awesome when People get what I'm saying, and it's also what they think-feel-believe... Some don't want to "Get me at all' some that were part of my real~Time life. It is hard when one realizes
What Khalil Gibran said once "That our children come through us, but are not us.He was a Lebanese artist, poet, and writer, that I was introduced to via his book, The Prophet, (by a very wise and kind woman MaryAnne~rest her soul.) I was 12 and had just lost my Grandma to Cancer.
Even then I had lived what seemed like many lives ,and Books and teachings such as the above mentioned--were a balm to my confusion and young soul.

I have learned many lessons in life, and always was willing to share what I preserved of my perceptions with people I met, some just at a bus stop. Its nice when kind strangers can learn from each other.IT gives me hope that not all are out to stab each other in the back, so to speak. Trust is something that takes time--a counselor once told me years ago. That is true in many ways, still it is awesome when Fate steps in and is helpful...

I don't like "tooting my own horn 2 much!" I will try and share more! Be well & Happy--an Blessed!*Cat2* *Chicken* *Bird* *Pig* *Guitar*

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