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Best friends Hailey and Alex have to come to terms with life and unfamiliar feelings.
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Its Complicated
I heard a knock on the kitchen door a little while after I got home that day and recognized Mr. Foster’s muffled voice as he said “Sorry to bother you this early Bill, but Alex needs to talk to Hailey. Seems he’s got some apologizing to do.”

I covered my head with my pillow so I couldn’t hear the rest, then I heard a knock at my door.

"Hailey, Jack and Alex are here. Alex needs to talk to you."

From beneath the pillow, I said “No dad, I just want to be left alone... please!”

This was a side of me dad had never seen before and I knew he was worried, but I couldn’t deal with my own feelings right now so needless to say, I couldn’t deal with other people.

With a sigh, he said “Hailey... he looks really hurt. Now, I dunno what’s happened between you two, but I do know that you’re too good of friends to let anything come between you.”

“Alex has all the friends he needs. Just tell them to go, dad... please.” I said, the pillow absorbing my tears. It seemed that all I did now was cry and I was thoroughly ashamed. How could I let a boy get to me like this? But I knew the answer to that. It wasn’t just any boy... It was Alex, and somehow that made it different.

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