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When the Gods of the world can't save it, who can?
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A Common Cure
The four glanced at each other curiously. Each was far different from the other.

One boy, no older than 20, sat fairly relaxed, taking the scene in with his bright blue eyes. His purple hair, tipped with sapphire, hung in front of one of his eyes, seemingly obstructing his view. His pitch black shirt clung to his athletic frame. His pale skin, free of marks, almost glowed in the sun. Obviously he hadn't been in the sun very often. His dark blue jeans, also tight fitting, was covered in tan blotches of dirt. His footwear consisted of black and purple high tops with bright purple socks peeking through the small crevices that his jeans nor his shoes covered.

"I'm Duskero. As you guys can tell I'm a bit in tune with Hecate." The boy hung his head, letting out a sigh. "She's kept me hidden from those who wish me harm." He rubbed his neck avoiding looking up at the others both out of shyness and not wanting to hurt his eyes anymore. The other boy walked over and sat next to him.

Tanned skin and bright green eyes screamed of Egyptian descent. A dark grey shirt hung loosely on his scrawny torso while his tan jeans barely gripped his hips. Red skate shoes covered his feet, though scuffed and looking as if they were on their last thread. He ran his fingers through his dark brown, semi lengthy hair, keeping an eye on the shy boy next to him.

"You are not the only one who has abused the Gods' powers. I begged Anubis to let me live in exchange for eternal servitude." Assanot spoke in a sullen tone as he placed his hand on Duskero's back gently. Duskier looked up slightly and nodded.

"Oi! Don't count me out lads and lassy. Good ole Hel spared me from death. I'd be sleepin' with the fishes if it weren't for 'er." Tall and fairly buff, this woman stood next to the other girl. Raven black hair reaching down her back and dark blue eyes with a tinge of green watched those around her. Her pale skin was starting to darken in the harsh light. She straightened out her black fabric jacket that did little to cover her fairly large chest. Her obsidian black leather pants showed off her thighs and calves while her shin high black boots hid her feet.

"And what of you las? Do ye fit in with the res' o' us?" The girl in question nodded her head, the crimson diamond on her forehead showing a slight shimmer in the light. Dark skin covered her lengthy frame and black hair was neatly put into a bun. Her multicolored robe seemed to hang loosely on her while her feet were cocooned in some average black sneakers.

"Hanuman lent me strength in my time of dire weakness. I'm Allani. And for the record, don't call me a las." Allani hissed at the body building girl. Ruseth rolled her eyes before looking at the two boys on the ground.

"Ye lads gonna quit sucking each others cocks and get moving or do we have to wait till ye 'r' done?" Assanot laughed slightly though blushing while Duskero went completely wide eyed and red faced. Assanot got up, helping Duskero to his feet as well before brushing off some of the dirt.

"We can wait till later to finish up." Assanot retorted. Ruseth grinned as Duskero lightly punched the Egyptian boy next to him. Assanot smirked and hugged around the male's waist. Duskero instinctively pulled away and crossed his arms. Ruseth glanced to the girl next to her only to find that she was already walking towards a city in the distance. The three stragglers quickly ran after her.

"Well aren't you rather antsy to get going." Duskero chided as he caught up to Allani. Allani glanced side long at the boy and shrugged.

"Sit around and chat while the world crumbles or save the world and ourselves. I think the choice is fairly clear." Duskero flinched and sighed backing off a bit. Allani took a deep breath and continued chugging on until another voice entered her ear. This one startled her as she wasn't expecting them to even want to speak to her.

"Oi las. You think you are ready for what we might find ahead?" Allani stopped in her tracks and looked at Ruseth. The pale skinned girl looked at her and waited in silence. The boys quickly caught up and saw the two staring off.

"I think I am perfectly capable of handling myself." Russeth grabbed the other girl's hands, never looking away. Allani was shocked, her eyes opening wide.

"Let me go first." Ruseth spoke softly, the boys not able to hear them. Allani nodded and lowered her head, trying to hide her blush. Russeth smiled and ran ahead to the city.
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