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A love story
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Second Request
This was request number two made by you.
The moment in time where we began the climb,
Back to the closeness, we used to know.

You wanted me to do you a favor.
My heart trembled but I chose to be braver.
“I can try.” Was my simple reply.

I didn’t know what you were going to say.
I waited and waited for what seemed like a day.
“Will you hold my hand?” is what you asked.

In that moment in the darkness of the car,
We have finally been reconnected from afar.
I blushed so hard that you could feel it.

Some would say that that was the end,
But you and I know better, we can’t pretend.
This is just a new chapter in our lives together.

We have many years to see where everything will go.
My future and yours in sync once again, oh.
I never thought this would happen once it was finished.

But it seems that God has other plans that started with holding hands.
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