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Poems written for "The Daily Poem" Contest inspired by various prompts.
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In the journey to this point in life
I've weathered joy and pain and strife
and as I've counted up the years
I've marked times passage, not with tears,
but like the rings within a tree
I count the changes that I see.

In my youth I liked long hair;
it was a style I used to wear.
Now in the mirror I just stare
longing for hair – but not everywhere.
It still grows 'round my cheeks and mouth
but all the rest is heading south!

Back in the day, the music was loud
and we'd dance all night with the Disco crowd.
Now our social events are the parking lot
waiting in line for a handicapped spot.
Money is tight and we're no longer proud.
We're now a part of the Costco crowd!

Cars were important when we were young.
A "Li'l Deuce Coupe" like the Beach Boys sung
or a "Little Cobra" sung by the Rip Chords.
Of course that was more than I could afford.
I had always dreamed of a BMW.
I've changed my dreams – a BM will do!

They say if you want certainty then count on change!
While some things are different and some just plain strange
don't worry 'bout your mind – you're not deranged.
Nothing is new – it's just rearranged!

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An entry for the March 13th round of "The Daily Poem
Prompt: Memory Lane
Poetry Form: Quatrain  
Minimum Lines: 12
Line Count: 28
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