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A book about the adventures of the people of Callah
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Savvy Gets Forgetful
Savvy Gets Forgetful

Savvy was the greatest wizard in all the land of Callah. In fact, the people of Callah trusted him so much they made him the Town Wizard. Day after day, the people of Callah would come to his small cottage to get his advice about personal problems, or they would ask for potions or spells to help them. Everyone loved and trusted Savvy.

There was a problem, though. Savvy was getting forgetful. His assistant, the dragon named Perrin who lived with him, noticed this. At first Perrin thought he was imagining things. But, after a while, he could no longer deny the truth. Savvy would forget the words to spells that.t he was trying to cast. He would forget the ingredients for potions that someone has asked him to make. Once, the mayor had asked Savvy to make him a potion to make his tomatoes ripen faster and grow bigger than ever before. Savvy spent all day creating the potion. The mayor sprinkled it over his garden, as Savvy had told him to do. The next morning, to the mayor’s horror, instead of large, ripe tomatoes, he found toads hopping gleefully over the dark soil. It took him all morning to get rid of them.

Things were not working out for Savvy as they normally did, and Perrin could not help.

When Perrin tried to help mix Savvy’s potions his large, sharp claws would break the glass bottles and vials that held the ingredients. Perrin was unable to read the ancient wizard language that Savvy’s spells were written in, and he could not help Savvy cast the spells. All Perrin could do was watch feeling more and more helpless.

One dark, cloudy day that matched the atmosphere that loomed over the once jovial cottage, Perrin decided to speak to Savvy about the problem.

Savvy’s long, pointed hat drooped as he hung his head. His amber eyes, that once held joy, seemed to dull as he tried to smile at his friend.

“Perrin, I am getting old, and, sometimes older people forget things that mean a lot to them,” he said sadly, “I will not be able to be the Town Wizard very much longer, I fear.”

Perrin felt tears filling his large, yellow eyes. “What can I do to help?” he asked his friend.

Savvy stroked Perrin’s dark green and yellow scales and smiled a thin smile.

“There is nothing you can do, my friend,” he answered, “It is just the way of things.”

Perrin refused to accept this, though. There had to be something or someone he could find to help the greatest wizard he knew. As he watched the problem get worse and worse, Perrin thought long and hard about what to do.

On a sunny day, Perrin woke up with an idea. Savvy was still asleep, so Perrin quietly went to the yard and spread his giant wings. Flapping furiously he took off into the morning sunshine.

He was so worried for Savvy he hardly noticed the green grass disappearing and being replaced with ice and snow. Soon he arrived at the snow castle of Sharan, the Dragon King. He was almost as wise as Savvy and would know what to do.

Sharan listened closely to Perrin’s tale, looking intently at Perrin the whole time. After Perrin finished, Sharan’s growly voice boomed through the castle.

“There is only one way to help Savvy, and it means a great sacrifice for you, Perrin.”

“I will do anything, give up anything, to help Savvy,” Perrin answered.

“Very well,” Sharan almost whispered.

All of a sudden Sharan started casting a spell in the old Dragon Language. Perrin jumped as smoke filled the room. A strange, tingly feeling overwhelmed Perrin. Soon, all he could see was the smoke. He was afraid but knew that Sharan would only do what was necessary. Perrin breathed in and out and tried to relax.

After a few minutes the smoke subsided.

“Look at that wall,” Sharan told him.

Perrin looked at the ice wall expecting to see his reflection. Instead he saw a young man with brown hair and blue eyes.

“A dragon cannot help Savvy,” Sharan said, “but a human can. You will not be able to fly anymore. You are a human from now on.”

“I thank you, Sharan. I will have to start now for the long walk back home,” Perrin answered.

“Maybe you can fly one more time, Perrin,” Sharan answered, “Get on my back and I will get you home faster.”

Perrin climbed onto Sharan’s red and orange back. He breathed in the fresh air as Sharan brought him home.

From then on, Perrin could help Savvy. He could easily handle the bottles of potion ingredients. The pages of Savvy’s spell books did not tear anymore when Perrin turned them.

Savvy even decided that it was time to teach Perrin magic and make him an apprentice. Perrin found out learning the ancient wizard language was not that hard.

Savvy kept getting forgetful but Perrin spent his days helping his friend.

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