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A book about the adventures of the people of Callah
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Timmin Makes Dragon's Eggs Useful
It was Spring in the Land of Callah. The people were starting to plan their gardens. The Mayor of Callah, Mayor Hightower, was deep in preparations for the Spring Fair. It was also the time of year that the dragons that lived around Callah were having their babies.

Dragons are huge and so are their babies. When the dragons’ young were born, mother dragons were immersed in tending to their babies. Therefore, the huge, softly colored egg shells littered Callah, and the people of Callah were frightened to disturb the dragons by trying to move them.

Timmin was a furniture maker, and always looked forward to Spring. It was a time when many people thought about redecoration and buying new furniture. It was usually his busiest. and most rushed, time, though. His customers usually had to wait for the dragons to take away their eggs before they started their redecorating. Timmin was left running in circles at the last part of the Spring.

One morning, before Timmin went to his furniture shop, he was looking out his window and having his coffee. He sulked and fumed as he looked at the Dragon’s Egg shells. Then he realized how gay and beautiful the eggs were as they lay there in the sun. The sun glistened off of the pastel bands of color that were spun through the shells. A smile split his pleasant face and his jolly, blue eyes shone as he imagined the beautiful furniture that the shells might make. It would be strong and sturdy as well. But, the dragons would never allow anyone near the eggs. An idea filled his mind.

Timmin gathered up his hat and coat and went to see Mayor Hightower. The mayor’s green eyes lit up when he saw Timmin enter his office.

“Timmin,” he said to his old friend, “how is the furniture business?”

“It would be a lot easier if we could rid of the dragon’s eggs that are lying around. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about?” answered Timmin.

“There’s not much that can be done. The dragons will just have to move them when they are finished taking care of their babies,” Mayor Hightower said.

“Those eggs are gorgeous,” Timmin answered, “They will make wonderful material for furniture. Could you talk to Sharan?”

The Great Dragon, Sharan, and the Mayor were great friends. Mayor Hightower nodded as Timmin explained his idea to him, and he agreed to talk to Sharan about the dragon’s eggs.

Timmin waited for days as the Mayor made the journey to see Sharan. Finally he was excited as a large, dragon, with red and orange scales and big, round red eyes swooped down and landed in his yard. Mayor Hightower climbed down from the back of Sharan’s back.

“Greetings, Timmin,” Sharan’s voice boomed when he saw Timmin, “I am here to tell you that I love your idea. The dragons will be fine with you using their eggs. But, they are still tending their babies. Could you get a few people to help carry the shells to you?”

Over the next few days, people from every corner of Callah came to help gather the dragon’s eggs. They came with wheelbarrows, carts and many other things that could pull the shells.

Timmin beamed as the shells filled his store with new material for his furniture. The orders piled in and, as Timmin has suspected, his customers were delighted with the colorful, sturdy furniture that Timmin made from the egg shells.

From then on Spring was a very busy, successful time for Timmin.

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