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It's about adventure! Life, Scouting, Family, writing what else is there?
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Are you ready for some Football??
Boy oh Boy, 2 weeks flew by!! --- Hard to say where it went but it went! *Laugh*


So, I am training at work. I enjoy training dispatchers, but when I have a trainee, it's hard for me to balance my real life needs. The good news is that the weather has been more bearable (in the 90's) so I'm able to get some stuff done when I get home. Yesterday, I cook. I cooked up a tri tip on my flat iron and had a salad. Sometimes I go to the grocery store. I supervise my kids if they have to do homework. I've been catching up on TV, now... if I can only find a tad more time to write.


I'm ready for *Football* *Football* *Football*!!

I've been watching HARD KNOCKS on HBO and crossing my fingers for the Browns. You can't help but root for the underdogs. Hue Jackson seems like a decent guy. I *Heart* Josh Landry and I appreciate the leadership he brings to the team. Both Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield impress me. Rooting for Devon Cajuste to make the team. I watched the game against Philly yesterday and the Defense looked impressive considering its still preseason.

Of course, mind you, I'm a die hard New England Patriot fan. I grew up rooting for New England in the lean years in the 80's and 90's.

Mind you, I *Heart* *Football* so I have a bunch of teams I like and root for but New England is my #1 team. I root for the Rams and Chargers, I like the Packers, and I like any team where a USC quarterback has landed. *Laugh*

I never used to be "big" into College Football. I suppose my "spark" was kindled when I we would spend 4th of Julys on Catalina Island and we'd watch the USC marching band lead the Golf Cart parade. Then I compared prices for football games and I realized I could afford College games whereas pro football games were just outta reach. So...if I was going to see a college game, I figured why not give USC a shot?

While I'm not a fan of the parking for USC, (I ride the metro) I love watching USC play football. They're not bad for college, usually they're ranked in the top #25 poll and I just love the ambiance of the stadium. Last year, I had a mini plan of games, this year, I was able to save up and got Season Tickets!! I'm hoping this year is fantastic, but Sam Darnold went to the Jets so we'll see what we get at quarterback.

I've also been to a UCLA game. I know, USC and UCLA are rivals, but it's all about the football. Personally, I like the Rose Bowl more than the Coliseum, but I'm not picky. I think the Rose bowl has better food.

USC's first game is next weekend on 1 SEP. Game starts at 1 pm though and it will be hot. I personally don't like it when games are hot. I'll bring a mister and make sure to get a lot of ice cubes in my drinks. hehe.

If you could go see a *Football* game, who would you go see?

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