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Ramblings late at night
I just came home this evening from walking my dog Arie when I noticed the light in the basement of our apartment building was still on. So I switched it off and noticed a mysterious note on my basement box saying they inadvertently had broken down my lock and I could make an appointment to fetch the new set of keys within a week by calling a certain phone number.*Shock2* So I am going to call tomorrow, only I don't know by the life of me why they should break down that door in the first place. Apparently, this happened yesterday, I was out yesterday so I never noticed, and I don't visit the basement that frequently. Strange story. *Meh*

Yesterday I also had the pleasure of getting 14 Achievement Merrit Badges (!) at once in my mailbox, after a note from the Story Master in the Newsfeed. *GoLucky* As a lot of other writers, I wasn't even aware of this Achievement Page. It was a pleasant surprise. *Heart*

I browsed a lot yesterday and went to bed at 3.30 a.m. Way past my bedtime. But it was fun to look into sites and writer's portfolios and being active on the WdC site. I had a lovely time. So, I am a little bit tired now, due to lack of sleep. *Crazy* But I don't feel like sleeping now, although it's 11 p.m. already.

I want to write this blog! *Whistle*

What else is there to write about?

As I am sitting at my desktop in my study, my dog Arie lays behind me in his crate licking his paws and making all sorts of noises doing it. He is a bit of a sad dog at the moment, with his ear taped and a plastic hood around his head. The operation on the tumor went well last week, but he has to have his hood on for two weeks. Otherwise, he will try to get the tape off of him with his paws. We can't have that. *Wink* He'll be alright!

Speaking of medical issues: I have to use a self-help kit tomorrow for a bowel cancer test I have to put in the mail. It's something the government provides when you are of a certain age. It's not much trouble but I am chicken when it comes to these kinds of tests. Last week I already participated in a bi-annual test for breast cancer. I am waiting on the results. Very inconvenient, but necessary of course. I don't like to think about all the forms of cancer one can get nowadays. I am more of an ostrich with her head in the sand. If you won't think about it, it is not there. *Headbang* We will wait and see.

Anything worthy of mentioning happening in my country lately?

Last month we had a terrorist attack in Amsterdam. The media left it a bit lowkey. No major panic or anything. I bet the foreign newspapers didn't even pick it up in their headlines. What happened was that a German asylum seeker from Afghanistan went on the train from Germany to Amsterdam, radicalized and looking for mayhem he stabbed two American tourists at the train station. The police spotted him minutes before his attack, but couldn't prevent the act. Fortunately, they captured him very quickly before he could do more harm. They think the targets were chosen at random. The American couple was rushed to the hospital in bad conditions but they are not in life-threatening circumstances now. The motive of his actions was that he was angry because an ultra-right-wing Dutch politician wanted to hold a cartoon contest of the prophet Mohammed in Pakistan. He felt offended by that and fueled by demonstrations in Pakistan against my country because of this cartoon contest he acted the way he did. He didn't know that because of the international pressure this Dutch member of Parliament had canceled the contest just one day before the attack.

Last month there also was a breakthrough in a 20-year-old rape and murder case of 12-year-old Nicky Verstappen. That little boy was murdered while attending a kids camp 20 years ago, his murderer was never found. Thanks to DNA they found on his clothing they were able to do a DNA test 20 years later on 1500 men in the vicinity of the kids camp. One man never showed and was reported missing. They then investigated and the DNA of this missing person was a match. Apparently, he had fled the country. He was a so-called bush tracker, a person who is able to survive in the woods. So everybody was very much afraid he would not be found, despite a listing of the International Most Wanted by Interpol. He was tracked down in Spain by somebody who had met this person and who had recognized his photo from the newspaper. So he was arrested and brought back to the Netherlands for questioning only last week.

And then there was the case of two Armenian children last weekend. They were in the process of asking for asylum in our country but they were going to be deported back to Armenia. The kids had lived in the Netherlands for 10 years, they didn't speak the Armenian language, they went to school here and they wanted to stay. The whole country was meddling in their case asking the Minister to let the kids stay. At the last minute, he decided the kids could stay in this country. Lucky for them. But 400 other children are in almost the same circumstances at this moment, waiting to get deported to their own country despite years and years of living here in the Netherlands. They don't get the same outcome as those two this weekend. They are being deported at a later date out of the country. A terrible ordeal!

It's midnight, so I am going to sleep. Til next time!*Wink*

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