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by Crow
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Crowing along the way with wisdom and practical advice
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It may seem somewhat shameless, but I wish to draw attention to my portfolio picture. This time I decided to have a professional fly over from the local cornfield where he does a lot of work. As crows, we don't often get a fair shake. People think of us consorting with witches and sorcerers, and maybe a poet or two. I'll admit, some of us have received a certain notoriety for our associations. Most of us, however, just like to get together and make some noise with our friendly chatter or harass an owl or two. It's harmless fun.

But now, back to my picture. My crowtographer did a great job. He really caught my handsome side. He used a special crowdachrome film which really brings out the highlights. It wasn't cheap. I had to cawf up a lot of corn to pay for the sitting. If you get the chance, tell me what you think.

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