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Do You Need To Change Your Filter?

Do You Need To Change Your Filter?

Let us take for our deliberation the community of WDC. From time to time, certain of our group will intimate that they have been confronted with people they considered rude because they said exactly what they thought about a story or poem, holding no criticism in check. It is true that some who review the work of others take no prisoners. With them, it is a no-nonsense business. As these reviewers see it, if you want to be patted on the head and told that your work is great when it isn't, get someone who is willing to do that, being that they aren't hard to find.

Many of our writing community don't have a filter on what they say about the work of others. Is that a bad thing? Sometimes it is, but not always. Speaking the truth is one thing while speaking it with cruel intent is quite another. If you drive your car without ever changing the various filters that contribute to good performance, you're going to do some damage. Speaking the truth works in the same way. The truth is absolutely essential, but it will only be accepted if it is filtered through a heart of compassion.

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