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Great People And great Writing
         Would you call WDC a business? Indeed, all of those membership fees go to pay for something. Could it be that our leaders have small estates in the Hamptons, built on the dreams of ordinary people with that burning longing to be writers? Please tell me it isn't so.
         Alright, it isn't so, but it would be a perfect story for the likes of CNN. Actually, I'm not at all interested in where the fees go. It would seem obvious that someone has to pay the bills on a site this size.
         But some things interest me on WDC, and that is most particularly this community of writers we have assembled. Yes, it is true that in my years here I have encountered a knucklehead or two who purpose in life seemed to be the pooh-poohing the labors of others. Yes, Virginia, they do exist. But don't let them bother you. You know how it goes; if you can't write then excrete your bile in beating up on those who can.
         And what about the genuine writers on WDC? Well, they have seemed to me a close-knit group of kind, generous, and helpful people, with a love and talent for the written word. And, yes, even this old crow has made some treasured friends.
         And so, to sum up, I will say that WDC is an excellent place of great people and equally great writing, a great haven for the novice and the veteran.
         So, now, I have to fly down to the Hamptons to visits some buddies who always seem to have their beaks in the air. Wish me luck with that crowd.
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