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a collection of all my poems
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Chapter 2 : Love ?
What is love ?
How do you know
That you are in love
That you like someone
That someone has captivated ur attention
Has emerged to be your life
Instead of being a part of it
When someone becomes the Center of your universe

How do you know that when
You started comparing
Everyone with that someone
Even Flawless people start having flaws .

One who made your
Heart beat everytime they smiled and they spoke
Lost their charm ,their magic
When everyone else fails to catch your attention .

Why is it that
We are at constant battle with our heart
The heart which fights
Fights against our fears
Why is it that
The fear defeats the powerful heart.

They say that love conquers All
Then why it can't quell fear
Fear of losing a best friend
Fear of not being loved back
Of being broken in million pieces
Of being played
Of being used .

Why in most cases
We are not ready to accept
What our heart already knows
Why is it visible to others but us
Why even after being told
We disagree and are oblivion .

We ask others
To define love for us
They say that it will click
That you will eventually know it .

Still we fail to realise
We wait for someone
To hold our hand and
Teach us to walk
To open the closed window .
We wait wait for that
Person to confess and
Later realise our love .

When will we break
The wall of fear and
Be free to accept
What the heart already knows !
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